Xbox Games Showcase And Starfield Direct Doubleheader Confirmed For June

Xbox gamers have plenty to choose from in a growing catalog of Xbox Series X|S titles. From dodging vampirism in the newly launched "Redfall," to cracking homers in "MLB: The Show 23," there's been a regular stream of Game Pass games to enjoy. You'll have to pay for some of the summer's hottest titles, including heavy hitters like "Street Fighter 6" and "Diablo IV" launching at the beginning of June. There's enough in the release pipeline that should keep you busy.

Shortly after that, fans will hear more about Bethesda's "Starfield" and other upcoming titles at the Xbox Games Showcase that's airing on June 13. Microsoft is separating "Starfield" off in its own extended segment, hopefully treating fans to a sizable information dump. "Starfield Direct will invite you inside Bethesda Game Studios to learn much, much more about Starfield, with tons of new gameplay, developer interviews, and behind-the-scenes insider information," the announcement reads.

The open-world space exploration RPG suffered numerous delays after an expected November 2022 release date, but Bethesda confidently solidified a September 6 release date in March. Fans accepted the news with bated breath, but remain hopeful this comprehensive showing will quell fears of the launch slipping further. Microsoft will air the show on June 11 at 1 p.m. ET, and you can tune in via Xbox's YouTube and Twitch channels, or on Facebook.

What else will Microsoft show at the Xbox Games Showcase?

Bethesda's portion aside, new reveals and information are expected from other upcoming Xbox titles by both first and third-party studios. Details and release dates for Xbox Game Studios titles like the "Forza Motorsport" reboot and the Xbox release of "Age of Empires IV" are expected, since both are due for 2023. Perhaps later down the line, there's the expected "The Outer Worlds 2," as well as new entries in fan-favorite series like the upcoming "Fable" and "Perfect Dark" games.

Perhaps the biggest first-party title in development is the elusive "The Elder Scrolls VI," Bethesda's long-awaited expansion of Tamriel lore. The title was announced during E3 2018 with a frustratingly brief teaser, and there hasn't been any reveals since. However, with "Starfield" taking center stage at this year's showcase, the chances of hearing anything new about the game are slim.

There are also tons of third-party games that could make an appearance. Fans will surely hear more about titles announced at previous industry shows from major partners like Ubisoft and EA. Plus, new experiences from a wealth of indie developers could also make an appearance. Considering this show will presumably stand in for the now-canceled E3 that'd normally commence in LA around this time, some more world premieres are expected to help move the needle for future Xbox sales.