New Xbox Game Pass Referral Program Allows You To Hook Friends Up With PC Trials

Xbox Game Pass for PC is one of the most convenient ways to play AAA and first-party Xbox games like the "Forza" series and "Halo Infinite" on your gaming rig. Now, Xbox has announced that it will be a little easier — as least, for your friends — with its new referral system.

The Xbox Game Pass Friend Referral Offer allows you to send a 14-day PC Game Pass trial to up to five friends. This will allow for a variety of multiplayer shenanigans for at least two weeks, or it will whet their palate enough to jump on a full subscription after the trial ends.

The 14-day trial also comes with an EA Play membership and bonuses within Riot Games titles, like "League of Legends" and "Valorant." According to a press release from Xbox, the program goes live today, May 2, 2023. To take advantage of the referral system, you need the Xbox PC app.

Refer up to five friends for PC Game Pass

From a technical perspective, the PC trial makes sense. Unlike consoles, not all PCs are capable of running all games. While AAA titles are often optimized for a wide variety of hardware, you may still run into issues with low-end, or older hardware. Not everyone has a compelling case to shell out a ton of money for the newest Ryzen processor or Nvidia graphics card.

The two-week period is plenty of time to see if your PC is capable of running a majority of games at high settings. The hundreds of titles PC Game Pass offers helps, too. Your PC may not be able to render a Bugatti Chiron screaming along at 250 miles per hour in 4K in a game like "Forza," but it may run a game like "Sea of Thieves" without a hitch.

If you've wanted some extra teammates in a multiplayer game, or you want to be that teammate to someone with a full Game Pass subscription, the new referral program is here for you.