How To Save Data When Using Disney+

In this new era of entertainment, where people can get their hands on high-quality content in a matter of minutes, streaming giants reign supreme. Disney+ is one such platform and is among the most popular ones out there. With its stacked arsenal of content from smash-hit franchises like Star Wars and Marvel, Disney+ is near impossible to ignore.

But as you might have noticed already, despite all the convenience it provides, streaming practically eats up data. Case in point: Disney+ uses up approximately 7.7 GB of your data each hour in its default settings. This is not optimal for people who work on a budget and have a specific data quota per month. Enjoying your favorite Disney show shouldn't mean you also have to spend a few extra bucks on purchasing additional gigabytes.

There are certainly some tips and tricks, from changing settings to more practical things, you can try that will help you conserve your data usage while streaming on Disney+.

Stay away from HD

This might be the most obvious tip you will ever get, but it is also the most effective. Whether you stream Disney+ with your mobile, desktop, or your TV, you should always make sure that your streaming quality is not sucking your data dry. Here's how:

  1. On the Disney+ application on your device, go to the Data Usage section in Settings.
  2. Then, choose the Save Data option.

This will let you stream in lower quality, which not only conserves your data but also helps you avoid facing issues like lagging and buffering while in the middle of your favorite Pixar movie.

  1. If you watch Disney+ on your phone, you will see two Data Usage options in Settings labeled Cellular Data Usage and Wi-Fi Data Usage.
  2. In this case, you need to choose the Save Data option under both of these.

So, unless you have an unlimited data plan, you should always make sure your Disney+ is configured to save your data and not to use it all up.

Just download it earlier

When you stream Disney+ on the go, you don't have to use cellular data at all. You actually wouldn't need to use a single byte of your cellular data to catch the new Disney+ series with Jeremy Renner. You can download them instead.

  1. Get connected to your Wi-Fi.
  2. Then use the search option to find the show you want to see.
  3. Go to its individual episodes section.
  4. Click the download button next to the desired episode.

Disney+ also offers the same option for movies as well.

  1. After connecting to your Wi-Fi, search for the movie you would like to see.
  2. Then simply tap the download button placed under the play button on the movie's page.

This will save your cellular data and also give you the ability to watch the content you want when you have a bad signal or when you can't use your cellular data (like in an airplane). However, you need a mobile device to watch your downloaded content without an internet connection. Downloading is not an option for a laptop, streaming stick, or any other kind of device for watching content.

You can also reduce the quality of your downloads to decrease your data consumption:

  1. Go to the Downloads section in Settings.
  2. Then, set the Video Quality to Standard.

You can toggle the "Download Over Wi-Fi Only" option under Downloads to On to make sure you do not download your movies and shows using cellular data by mistake, too.