Hawkeye Actor Jeremy Renner Renovates Old Buses In New Disney+ Series, Rennervations

Jeremy Renner, the actor known for roles in movies and TV shows ranging from 2008's "The Hurt Locker" to 2021's "Hawkeye," will be featured in an entirely new type of show scheduled for release on Disney+ next month. The four-part series is cleverly named "Rennervations," and it'll revolve around the transformation of retired buses into useful vehicles tailored to the needs of communities.

Transforming old school buses and other large vehicles for entirely new purposes is a popular activity — in fact, it's a core part of the van life genre found on YouTube and other popular social media platforms. While many renovations involve turning these retired vehicles into tiny homes or campers, others have revolved around charity work and expanding access to important services. Some old buses have been retrofitted into mobile libraries, for example, while others have found use as mobile facilities for homeless people to shower and get haircuts, as explained by KQED.

It's that latter purpose that is the core mission of Jeremy Renner and his crew. The new teaser trailer for "Rennervations" gives the public a brief look behind the scenes at what goes into renovating one of these old buses into something useful, and the full series premiere is only weeks away.

Giving old buses a new purpose

"I'm buying these decommissioned government vehicles to help reimagine them to serve this community again, just in a different way," Renner explains seconds into the Disney+ original series' first trailer. Viewers are teased with quick looks at Renner and a team of renovators working on these large buses. The resulting renovated behemoths will be given to communities across the globe, including Los Cabos, Mexico, Reno/Sparks, Nevada, Chicago, Illinois, and Rajasthan, India.

The first trailer for "Rennervations" reveals some of the new uses these vehicles will be given — one, for example, is transformed into a mobile recreational center in the span of only two weeks. Another truck is turned into what appears to be a mobile band studio, while another is fitted with the equipment needed to work as a mobile water filtration system.

"I hope this demonstrates how easy it is to make a giant difference in other people's lives," Renner tells the viewers, going on to explain: "I want to make actionability and thoughtfulness of others cool." If this sounds exciting, you'll be able to stream the series starting on April 12. Because this is an original series, you'll need a Disney+ subscription to watch it. The base tier plan is currently priced at $9.99 per month and comes bundled with Hulu.