This Mesmerizing Motorcycle Concept Is Like Something Out Of Tron

Is there anything cooler in this or any other world than a transforming motorcycle? Frankly, we're hard-pressed to think of anything. Combining the inherent coolness factors of both a regular motorcycle and something that transforms tends to automatically create something that is just too awesome for words. From Kamen Rider's classic Cyclone to the shapeshifting Cavaliere of "Devil May Cry 5," if it's a bike and it transforms, it's a certified thumbs-up, no exceptions. 

Case in point: what happens if you combine the sleek profile of the Light Cycles from the Tron franchise with the ability to transform and reconfigure into an entirely different kind of vehicle? Well, you'd have the newest motorcycle concept from beautiful dreamer Paul Drake, better known as ZiggyMoto, The Imaginary Motorcycle Company. Seemingly out of nowhere, this ambitious manufacturer of concept bikes has unveiled his newest brainstorm: a motorcycle with the ability to reconfigure itself on the fly.

The modular motorcycle of tomorrow

In a recent post on his personal Instagram, which has over 227,000 followers, Drake showcased his latest CGI motorcycle concept, backed by the epic sound of Fat Boy Slim's "Right Here, Right Now."

The blue-and-black bike depicted in the concept has a sleek, cafe racer profile with a pair of smooth track-ready tires. A beautiful machine, but surely, that can't be all? Turns out that's not all; in a remarkably seamless transition, the front of the bike pulls upward, the seat lowers, and the tires become more rugged, creating a futuristic cruiser. That's not even the end of it though. In one final transformation, the seat of the bike raises up, the front and back become sleeker and more pointed, and the tires sprout dirt-busting knobs, assuming the form of a mighty dirt bike. At the end of the video, the bike returns to its initial form, ready to cycle through its styles all over again.

ZiggyMoto's ambitions

In the text of his Instagram post, Drake writes, "We're going to try something similar @bikeshedmotoco show... but you'll have to be there to see if we can get it work [sic]."

The show Drake is referring to is the Bike Shed Moto Show, a recurring moto show presented by the Bike Shed Motorcycle Company in Los Angeles and London. Drake is a regular attendant of these shows, where he shows off his latest attempts to bring one of his CGI motorcycle concepts to life as a real, live bike. This newest concept is extremely ambitious, even for Drake, and it's anyone's guess if he'll be able to wrangle a functional vehicle out of it, but if anyone can make such a thing happen, it'd be him.

If you're interested in seeing this bike of the future in action, you can do so at the London Bike Shed Moto Show, which will be held starting with an insider preview on Friday, May 26, followed by regular attendance days on Saturday and Sunday the 27 and 28, respectively.