Can You Play Roblox On The Nintendo Switch?

"Roblox" has steadily become a monolithic juggernaut in the games industry over the years, particularly in terms of notoriety. Regardless of the platform's treatment of creators and monetization, it remains an incredibly popular force to be reckoned with. But can you play it on the Nintendo Switch?

Despite the ever-increasing number of titles (both old and new) that have been appearing on the hybrid handheld device, not everything everyone wants to see on the Switch is available yet. Or at all. And, perhaps disappointingly, this applies to "Roblox" as well.

There is currently no way to officially download and play "Roblox" on the Switch, and Roblox Corporation hasn't made any solid statement on whether or not it will be in the future. That said, you can still play Roblox on a multitude of other devices — from Macs and PCs to the Xbox and most smartphones. So if you really want to play "Roblox" on the go or otherwise, there are reliable alternatives available.

Robloxing on the Switch anyway

If you really want to play "Roblox" on your Switch and don't mind putting in some work (or taking on risks), there are ways you can work around the lack of an official release. Keep in mind that these methods are not recommended for just about every reason you can think of. Tinkering with your Switch outside of its regular parameters carries the risk of damaging the console or making it completely useless. You could accidentally corrupt all of your saves. Nintendo itself could even step in and ban your account if it figures out what's going on.

Due to the risky (seriously, this process is as not recommended as a process can be) nature of installing Android OS on a Switch, we won't be detailing everything step-by-step, but the first thing to do is check to see if your Switch will support an Android install via ismyswitchpatched. If not, you may need to track down an older model and use that instead.

After that, you'll find more detailed instructions on the XDA Developers website. Read through everything thoroughly before attempting anything to make sure you're comfortable with all of the necessary steps. Good luck if you decide to go through with it, but it would still be much easier — and a whole lot safer — to just play "Roblox" on a device that already supports it.