The Lucid Gravity Electric SUV Just Hit A Major Milestone

Lucid Motors is a relatively new player in the automotive industry. The California-based company jumped into the game primarily as a battery manufacturer, but it wasn't long before it prototyped its own all-electric sedan. The Lucid Air hit the scene to rave reviews. SlashGear's Chris Davies loved the upgraded model's handling, range, and straight-line speed, not to mention the luxurious and clean cabin experience. "The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance has no right being this good," he wrote in November.

Lucid Motors is following up on the Air's success with a new SUV called Gravity. It's been in development since 2020, and we were first treated to compelling concept previews late last year. With today's news, that conceptualization is one step closer to reality: the Lucid Gravity has comfortably revved toward public road-testing grounds.

"I am excited to see the Gravity SUV moving forward so quickly in its development, as it builds upon everything this company has achieved thus far and drives further advancements of our in-house technology to create a luxury electric SUV like none other," said Peter Rawlinson, Lucid's CEO and CTO.

What we know about the Lucid Gravity so far

Lucid has confirmed that the Gravity is still in the pre-production phase, and the company is yet to finalize its specifications. So, when can you stow one inside your garage? Originally, we were given expectations that reservations for the Gravity would begin in early 2023. We're close to the midway point of the year without such opportunities. Delays happen, and sometimes quietly.

But that doesn't mean 2024 is a bygone dream. Though it didn't directly confirm as much in the press release, Lucid's original 2024 target still seems on track, even if we'll have to wait until summer or fall to place an order, or perhaps even later. What can you expect behind the wheel? Lucid teases "a previously unheard-of combination of spaciousness, performance, and driving range" for electric SUVs. It made nice on a similar promise for its Lucid Air lineup, with variants that exceeded best-in-class Tesla vehicles in total range.

It'll seat up to seven in the so-called "Glass Cockpit" flush with high-resolution delays running a new version of Lucid UX, a custom Android-based infotainment system that'll offer built-in maps and voice control. We're still waiting on price expectations, but considering its cost will likely exceed the $100,000-plus minimum required to own an Air, you'll probably be happy to use any further delays as an opportunity to save.