T-Mobile's New Go5G Plus Plan Promises 'Phone Freedom' With Two-Year Upgrades

In its latest injection of Un-carrier enhancements and plan perks, T-Mobile has launched Phone Freedom, a direct countermove against AT&T and Verizon's three-year device contracts, which T-Mobile cheekily says is "blowing smoke" on this puffy day of 4/20. The wireless provider noted that the carriers raised prices a combined nine times over the last year while ridding its device financing options of two-year agreements. "Ten years ago, we started the Un-carrier movement by ridding the industry of two-year service contracts. A decade after that first Un-carrier move, the Carriers are still focused on trying to lock customers down," said T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert.

In response, the company is introducing Go5G Plus, a wireless plan that offers easier upgrade opportunities every two years for new and existing customers. With Go5G Plus, customers can trade in an old phone up to six years old and receive a free 5G phone worth up to $830. This plan is ideal for families, with up to four free phones available per family.

Go5G Plus is a boosted version of T-Mobile's popular Magenta Max, offering 50 GB of high-speed hotspot data and 15 GB of high-speed data in Mexico and Canada, the latter being a 3x increase over the Max plan. Despite the added value, T-Mobile estimates you'll still enjoy annual savings of around $120 compared to the competition, but only if you set up autopay.

T-Mobile adds more ways to lure in new customers

T-Mobile is also introducing The Easy Unlock, an emergency exit for customers trapped in three-year contracts with phones perpetually locked to carrier networks — AT&T's in particular. T-Mobile will pay off the customers' locked devices (up to $650 issued via a prepaid Mastercard) and offer you a free device with a qualifying trade-in of that same device. Then there's the Go Back Guarantee. If you decide to leave T-mobile within 30 days of switching, the carrier promises to pay back $50 per voice line to help cover the cost of your bill.

As well, T-Mobile is reducing prices on its Essentials Savings plan. Per-line prices drop to $25 per month for a family of four or $50 per month for a single line. A family of four would save $240 per year compared to the old pricing, the company says. You're still getting unlimited talk, text, and data with 50 GB of shared premium speeds, plus unlimited hotspot at slower speeds.

These Phone Freedom options will be available starting April 23, but you'll only have a limited time to take advantage of The Easy Unlock offer and the new Essentials Savings plan. If you make it in before the gates close, you can rest easy with a Price Lock guarantee that grandfathers you into the reduced prices for the life of your service.