Samsung's Latest Collaboration Brings Weird Artwork To Its Bespoke Fridge

When most people cover their fridge in art, they do so as a way of encouraging younger members of the family. However, Samsung's latest offering may be a bit more upmarket, and oddly lavatorial, than little Johnny's crayon sketch of a rollerblading T-rex.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer has partnered with the renowned creative studio TOILETPAPER to offer a range of unique panels for some of its refrigerators. Owners of Samsung's Bespoke refrigerators will have access to two new designs entitled "Lipsticks" and "Roses with Eyes." If you have a 1-Door and 4-Door refrigerator from Samsung, there are a couple of designs available for your fridge, too. Those have been named "Magic Mirror" and "Dessert Lady."

Samsung's Ik Soo Choi seemed pleased with the collaboration. In a statement he said: "We are excited to introduce our latest custom designs to Bespoke products, infusing our home appliances with TOILETPAPER's colorful, tongue-in-cheek aesthetic." The panels have been described as limited edition, but there has been no indication of how limited the run is. The date they actually go on sale is similarly vague, with Samsung saying they'll be available "for global markets starting in the first half of the year."

You can swap the panels out at any time

The four designs may be new, but the panels themselves have been around for a while. Samsung debuted the concept last year, and unlike the pieces created in collaboration with TOILETPAPER, the original panels are actually bespoke in some way.

Owners of certain refrigerators can have custom panels featuring their own personal images made. So instead of sticking pictures of your friends and family to the fridge with a magnet, you can just have it etched there in full color. Alternatively, you can opt for some kind of design to make your fridge blend in with the rest of your kitchen a little better. 

The panels themselves are designed to be swapped out without too much trouble, and there's no indication the new designs won't be as easily switchable. So you're free to buy both designs that fit your fridge and swap them out regularly if that's your thing. You also don't have to throw your old panels out — they can always be reattached if you miss them.