Samsung MyBespoke Makes Your Whole Fridge Door Your Photos

Samsung offers bespoke refrigerators, which are customizable to the user's tastes with things like unique colors ("Morning Blue" and "Clementine," for example) and the specific material the customer wants, including glossy glass, matte glass, and steel. The company is taking this offering up a notch with the arrival of Samsung MyBespoke Refrigerators. These bespoke models are now offered with an additional personalization feature: custom printed photos and artwork on the fridge's French doors.

Customers retain the material and color customization options for the fridge's lower doors (or drawers, depending on the model) but can use the fridge's larger doors to present their favorite pieces of artwork or photos. According to Samsung, the designs are printed on panels for the French doors. The company says that customers can get panels for either one or both doors — though it won't come cheap at $250 per panel, potentially increasing the fridge's overall cost by $500. If you get tired of seeing the same artwork after a while, there's also the option of removing the panels yourself and putting on new ones, assuming you purchase additional printed panels for the model.

Users can swap out the panels at any time

Samsung says it custom prints any panels ordered by the customer, which it then ships directly to the buyer — though it's unclear how long it takes for the company to print and ship the custom pieces and what kind of shipping fees buyers can expect. The panels will be available only by ordering through Samsung's website. Though the new customization option won't be available to bespoke fridge customers until later in 2022, the company is showing off what kind of styles buyers can explore via a collaboration with three artists: Dr. Woo, Katie Rodgers, and Olive Mannella.

The idea of presenting your own family photos on a fridge isn't new, of course. People have been putting artwork and photos on their fridges with magnets for as long as refrigerators have been available in homes. Samsung took the idea into the digital age years ago with various smart fridge models that feature built-in touchscreen displays. The new custom panels are quite different in that they're physical objects with the artwork or photos printed directly on the material.

This is a pricey and somewhat limited alternative to digital displays, which allow customers to quickly switch to a new image whenever they want (and without any additional costs). However, the bespoke option does open the door for a new level of personalization and may be ideal for customers who want to use the fridge as a large canvas for a more welcoming or unique kitchen design.