2024 Lincoln Nautilus' Huge Interior Display Teased Ahead Of Debut

Lincoln has teased an exciting new dash-length display ahead of the unveiling of the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus. The new Nautilus will make its debut on April 17 during an event the automaker is hosting in New York. Lincoln teased the new display in a short video which was attached to a tweet and posted on the company's website. During the clip, two trails of light rise up from what is presumably the center console before flying to both ends of a dash-length display and transforming into what looks like a pair of nebulae. The word Nautilus then appears in the center of the display.

While it's impossible to get a clear view of the dash from this clip alone, it does look larger and smoother than pretty much anything we've seen before. Companies tend to opt for one or two 12-inch display panels. It isn't surprising that the Lincoln Nautilus has been chosen for the display's debut. The mid-range SUV has been used to showcase some of the company's emerging tech on previous occasions. Given that the company is owned by Ford, a positive reception could mean we see similar displays crop up in a wide range of vehicles over the next few years. Bold moves like this could also help the Nautilus stand out in what is a very crowded luxury SUV market.

Full-dash digital displays aren't totally unique

While most manufacturers opt for a screen or two, and maybe an accompanying digital instrument cluster, the full dash display isn't a novel idea. The 2022 Mercedes EQS had a 56-inch full-length display (above). Mercedes' MBUX Hyperscreen, as the automaker calls it, is a full touchscreen capable of displaying various useful things along its impressive length. 

Apple has also hinted toward a fully digital dash of the future with its next-gen Car Play update, which was revealed back in 2022. Apple's plans show what a large digital dash is capable of, which may help silence detractors who will likely see the concept as a novelty. Customization plays a huge part in the update, and various widgets can be placed in an area that suits the driver's needs. Obviously, more dash room means more places to pin said widgets. So if you want to see your EV's range every time you glance at where the ashtray would be on an older car, you can likely set that up — provided you have some display in that area. Samsung has also dabbled with the idea, though its "digital cockpit" has yet to make it into an actual vehicle. 

Other manufacturers haven't quite gone full length, but still provide far more digital display real estate than they have in previous years. This usually consists of a digital instrument cluster, coupled with one or two substantially sized screens. For example, the Cadillac Escalade is a shotgun screen away from essentially filling its dash.