The Cybertruck's Huge Windshield Wiper Has Finally Been Caught On Camera During Use

The latest footage to come out of Tesla's Texas Gigafactory shows the Cybertruck facing off against a wind tunnel for testing. In this footage, we finally get to see the Cybertruck's immense windshield wiper in action, with it completing several swooping wipes of the windscreen before the drone filming the action heads home. As development of the Cybertruck has dragged on, we have started seeing more and more footage and images of the vehicle in what seems to be a nearly final state.

Few vehicles in recent memory have drummed up as much hype as the Tesla Cybertruck. The somewhat controversial vehicle has seen a number of delays, and received plenty of criticism over its design — some more valid than others, as Wired reports. Most naysayers tend to focus on the vehicle's design, criticizing everything from a lack of safety features for its occupants and other road users, to the materials and polarizing styling choices Tesla has made.

The Cybertruck's single, massive windscreen wiper necessitated by the truck's overwhelmingly large windshield has been a point of concern for Tesla CEO Elon Musk — stating previously that it was one of his biggest concerns, and that there was "no easy solution"

A design preparing for a potential launch

In the video, we see the Cybertruck parked in front of the business end of a wind tunnel, while a Tesla employee stands next to the truck holding a spray water bottle. This indicates that at least part of what's being tested here is the wiper's functionality while driving. As previous images have shown, the Cybertruck's wiper (despite its vast span) only manages to cover the driver's portion of the windscreen, with the passenger's side left somewhat dusty after the deed is done. 

It seems like Musk's concerns about the Cybertruck's windshield wiper being a difficult problem to solve weren't that far off. According to The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the windshield wipers fitted to a vehicle must be capable of sufficiently clearing at least the driver's field of view. The design seems to be similar to the one that was shared on Twitter in early March 2023, indicating that despite Musk's proclamations otherwise, it's close to what will be featured in the final production model of the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck's planned launch window is still slated for late-2023.