Tesla's New 'Project Highland' Model 3 Leaked, And We Love How It Looks

A picture of the uncovered front of what is allegedly Tesla's upcoming Model 3 has surfaced on Reddit. The shot, which was also posted to Twitter, shows a part of the upcoming car that has been obscured by camouflage in other leaks. The vehicle in question looks far sleeker than the current entry-level Tesla, and may have taken some inspiration from the Roadster concept the company put out a few years ago

While totally unverified, the images seem to have gone down well with Tesla fans and auto enthusiasts — with many claiming they would be open to buying one, particularly if the price remains "entry-level." In the leaked photos, the car was obviously covered, but that cover has been blown back by the wind — or pulled back by a person, of course.

The model had also likely seen some road use at speed, as evidenced by the hundreds of dead insects adorning its front bumper. As for authenticity, certain parts of the photo match things from previous leaks, particularly with bodywork elements. Others may not line up perfectly, but there's always a chance this leak could be a hoax. It's also worth noting that things change a lot throughout the prototyping stage, so an authentic "Highland" someone spots may be drastically different from one spotted sometime later.

We should know if this, and the other rumors, are true pretty soon. The new Model 3 is expected to be unveiled and go into production later this year.

This is the latest in a series of 'Highland' leaks

Although Tesla has confirmed very little about what is likely to be a replacement or refresh of the popular Model 3, plenty of information about the vehicle has already been leaked. Major changes include new headlights, front and rear bumpers, redesigned wing mirrors, and interior changes. 

More cameras and sensors are also expected to be added to the new Model 3. Some of these changes have been spotted in multiple leaks, including this most recent photo, which clearly features a set of redesigned headlights, revamped mirrors, and a totally different front bumper.

Not all the rumors are positive, though. The interior changes are expected to be more focused on cutting costs than increasing comfort. Expect wood to make way for fabric in an attempt to keep the price of the new Model 3 as low as realistically possible. The new Tesla's temperature sensor, which allows drivers to accurately check the current outside temperature, is another potential omission, according to reports

While Musk has previously identified price as a major barrier to EV adoption, and has previously promised to put out a car with an MSRP as low as $25,000, some enthusiasts may be put off by the austere cuts required to get there. Still, if the leaks prove to be true, the sleek exterior may be enough to make potential customers overlook the possible lack of luxury touches and missing features.