New Tesla Model 3 Spotted With A Design Refresh And Sporty Wheels

Tesla fans may have had another, more detailed, peek at the revamped Model 3 that is due to release later this year. The current Model 3, which was launched as an entry-level Tesla, has been around since 2018 — so it could be argued that it is time to offer customers something new.

Until now, little has been confirmed about the revamp, which has been named "Project Highland." What we do know so far is any styling changes will likely be inspired by the high-end Tesla Model S. This could also include changes to the interior, with the stripped-down Model S' central display highlighted as a way to streamline the assembly process. More daring design choices, such as the addition of a "yoke" style steering wheel, could also crop up on a reimagined Model 3.

The new Model 3 will be built in both Tesla's Shanghai plant and its facility in Fremont, California, if leaks are to be believed. There has been no word on pricing, though it is possible the price points for the vehicle remain the same, despite the major overhaul.

If things don't change, expect an entry level model to set you back around $35,000, with optional extras increasing the price from there. At the other end of the scale, an AWD performance model will start at around $56,000, based on Tesla's current pricing model.

We've got a solid glimpse of the new Model 3

The updated Model 3 will feature more than a redesigned interior and a unique steering wheel. While Tesla is keeping its cards close to its chest, a recent leak appears to show us what certain parts of the new Model 3's interior will look like. 

While a version of "Highland" has been spotted a couple of times, camouflaging has prevented anyone from seeing any obvious differences between the new vehicle and the old Model 3. However, YouTuber The Kilowatts tweeted what may be our best glimpse yet of the vehicle's next incarnation on February 22. Although some parts of the vehicle were masked off, there are some obvious changes on display.

It's fair to say that the most obvious change is the wheels. The new vehicle features new 18" Aero wheels, sans cap. The wheels also have a different spoke design to the other Aeros that Tesla cars have previously featured. There are also more minor design changes: Both the headlights and taillights seem to be different from the current Model 3, and the front bumper has been revamped. 

The repeater camera flare is also longer and sharper, now taking up part of the front door. Although we still don't know much, more should be revealed in the very near future if Tesla intends to hit its late-2023 production deadline. Then again, the Model 3 reboot could end up getting pushed back, like some of the company's other high-profile projects.