8 Best 70-75 Inch TVs On The Market Right Now

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TVs in the 70 to 75-inch class provide a great middle ground for buyers who want a big TV but don't want to stray into the room-filling (and often, wallet-busting) 80+ inch panels that represent the very top end of the market. There are a lot of options on sale right now, from cutting-edge new releases to TVs that have been out for a year or two. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so before jumping ahead to buying a TV, it's worth taking a moment to consider exactly what you'll need from your new purchase.

For example, gamers and sports fans will likely want to consider refresh rate as a priority, while rich colors and realistic sound should definitely factor into your decision if you are a movie buff. Perhaps you just want to watch the latest shows from your favorite streaming platform, in which case having the latest smart TV features in your new TV should be top of your list. 

Luckily, there's a TV in this class for practically every type of buyer — here are eight that represent the very best of what's on the market at the moment.

Samsung QN900C Neo QLED 8K 75-Inch

There are plenty of reasons to hold off buying an 8K TV, but if you can't do without the extra pixels, then we think the Samsung QN900C is about as good as you'll get. It's the freshly-released successor to the QN900B, which we previously crowned the best 8K TV on the market. It's a big investment -– it's currently available to order for $6,299.99 from Samsung's website –- but it's packed with features including the latest generation of Samsung's AI 8K upscaling technology.

This is particularly important as there's not a lot of native 8K resolution content around at the moment, so you'll often be relying on upscaling to make the most of the higher resolution. The display's ultra-thin bezel makes the panel look almost edge-to-edge, and the minimalist design means it'll blend in well with any room despite its size. At the time of writing, Samsung is throwing in an extra sweetener to the deal — buy the TV off the brand's website, and you'll get either a wall mount or a 32-inch The Frame TV for free. That's on top of the complimentary delivery and installation that's offered to all buyers.


In our recent countdown of the best TV brands on the market, we placed LG in the number one spot, and there's a good reason for that. Whether it's the South Korean manufacturer's sleek designs, feature-packed webOS Smart TV software, or stunning OLED panels, it's difficult to go wrong with any of the brand's current lineup. 

The NANO75 is one of the highlights, as it packs LG's fifth-generation AI processing technology to enhance both native 4K and lower resolution content. The panel itself boasts 3840x2160 resolution, with a 60Hz refresh rate and NanoCell technology that LG says can deliver over 1 billion unique colors. While the panel can't claim to be as vivid as LG's OLED range, it's also not as expensive, and it still compares well to the other LED TVs in this price bracket.

LG's Smart TV features include built-in apps for streaming favorites like Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV, and both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are included for easy voice control. Automatic brightness control can adjust the panel's output for changing light conditions, and 3 HDMI ports are included for games consoles or other devices. The 75-inch panel retails for $1,299 but, at the time of writing, can be found on Amazon for less than $1,000.

Sony Bravia XR X95K Mini LED 75-Inch

Sony's Bravia line of TVs has built up a solid reputation for both image quality and build quality over the years, and the XR X95K is the most advanced model on the market right now. It utilizes Mini LED technology to provide a greater number of dimming zones across the screen, which helps reduce the brightness bleed that older LED panels can suffer from. That enables the XR X95K to produce deeper blacks than ever before, with contrast that comes closer to matching the perfect blacks that OLED screens are capable of.

In addition to the improved vibrancy and contrast, Sony's innovative XR processing technology analyzes every frame that's displayed, then highlights the parts of the image it thinks the viewer is likely to focus on. In contrast, most other image processors only rely on contrast or color to optimize frames. The 75-inch Bravia XR X95K retails for $3,799.99, but right now it's available from Sony's website for $2,999.99. An even larger 85-inch version of the XR X95K is also offered, which we think is also one of the best TVs of its size on the market right now.

LG QNED85 UQA Mini LED 75-Inch

While LG doesn't offer any of its industry-leading OLED panels in the 70 to 75-inch size bracket, the 75-inch QNED85 Mini LED goes a long way to making up for it. By using Mini LEDs, which are around 40 times smaller than traditional LED backlights, the QNED85 offers rich colors and deep blacks while boasting a longer lifespan on average than an OLED screen. That's because the O in OLED stands for organic, and as with all organic matter, it can eventually degrade over time, with blue LEDs degrading faster than the others.

In the latest OLED TV sets this isn't too much of a problem, but if you're the kind of person who prefers to leave the TV on for hours on end every day, it's still a safer bet to opt for a Mini LED TV. Really, there's very little to dislike about the LG QNED85 75-Inch, which retails for $1,999.99 but can sometimes be found for slightly less on Amazon.

TCL 6-Series 75R655 Mini LED 75-Inch

TCL's current range of TVs offers great value for money, and a highlight of the range is the 6-Series 75-Inch with Roku TV. Retailing for $1,499.99, it's on the pricier end of TCL's offerings in this size bracket, but it's packed with features that'll please both gamers and sports fans. Arguably its biggest selling point is its 144Hz Variable Refresh Rate, which makes it ideal for fast-paced action or FPS games. A 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR means images will appear crisp and vivid, while Mini LED backlighting helps to enhance contrast and reduce brightness bleed.

There are four HDMI inputs on offer, including one eARC. Dolby Atmos support is also offered, and the dedicated Game Studio Pro mode will automatically optimize your display to achieve the lowest latency and smoothest refresh rate for the game you're playing. The set comes with Roku TV, with integrated apps for all the major streaming platforms including Hulu, Netflix, and Apple TV+.

LG UQ9000 LED 70-Inch

If you're looking for a big TV but on a tighter budget, then the LG UQ9000 is a solid choice. It packs LG's excellent 4K upscaling AI technology, a minimalist design with an ultra-thin bezel, and runs webOS for easy access to streaming and connectivity. Like LG's pricier TVs, it also includes Magic Remote, which uses voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to make finding the content you want to watch a breeze.

It might tick all the right boxes for both technology and smart TV features, but choosing the UQ9000 does mean compromising slightly on image quality. As a traditional LED TV, it's not quite up to par with the latest and greatest sets when it comes to contrast or brightness, but it'll make a significantly smaller dent in your wallet. It's currently available on Amazon for around $650, making it one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on a 70-inch smart TV.

Samsung The Terrace Outdoor QLED 75-Inch

Watching TV outdoors can be frustrating, as most TV sets simply don't pack enough brightness to offset the ambient light on sunny days. Samsung's The Terrace QLED TV aims to make squinting at the screen a thing of the past with up to 2,000 nits of brightness on offer from its 75-inch display. It's IP55 rated for water and dust resistance, so it can be installed outside in an appropriately sheltered location.

Two variants of the display are on offer, and both are appropriately pricey -– the 75-inch panel designed for partial sun retails on Samsung's website for $6,499.99, while the full-sun panel costs an eye-watering $12,999.99 at full price. The full-sun version is currently discounted at the time of writing, down to $9,999.99. Alternatively, Amazon offers a discounted bundle for both variants that also includes a dust cover for when the TV is not in use. 

Even with those discounts, The Terrace is still pricey enough to be firmly out of reach to all but the most deep-pocketed of buyers, but if you can justify the investment, it's well worth the cash.

Sony Bravia X80K 75-Inch

If a top-end Bravia TV is out of budget, then the X80K offers all the key benefits of the Bravia range but for a lower price. It retails for $1,299.99, but it's available from Amazon for around $100 less at the time of writing. Instead of using cutting-edge XR image processing technology, the X80K instead relies on X1 processing, which still produces rich, detailed images. Google TV is integrated and Google Assistant provides hands-free control to find your favorite show or channel.

There's also support for Dolby Vision and Atmos, as well as Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility if you want to stream content from your Apple device. The X80K isn't the thinnest TV on the market, but its small bezel means it should blend seamlessly whether mounted on a wall or a stand. If you frequently rely on video calls to catch up with family and friends, then Sony also offers an optional Bravia Cam, which mounts to the top of the TV and captures wide-angle video to fit the whole family in the call. It also unlocks gesture control, a quirky way of controlling the TV so you never need to worry about losing the remote.