Apple CarPlay Gets A Cheesy Upgrade With Domino's Ordering

You can never have too many methods for ordering a pizza. If mind-reading smartphone apps weren't enough, Domino's wants to bake the pie-yielding experience into your car with Apple CarPlay. The feature is available immediately for Apple iPhone and CarPlay users in the United States.

With this move, Domino's makes it safer to settle dinner plans on the way home from a long work day or to satiate adolescent appetites to keep their hungry voices out of your ears while you concentrate on the road. It's not the groundbreaking vehicular enhancement that'll change the world, but almost anyone can appreciate more diverse paths to pizza.

"Domino's has been known as the industry leader when it comes to pizza and technology, and we're constantly striving to continue providing the best experience to customers. That's why we launched Domino's app on CarPlay," said Christopher Thomas-Moore, Domino's senior vice president – chief digital officer.

Indeed, Domino's is no stranger to bringing unique ordering innovations like the Pizza Tracker, which allows you to follow your order's entire journey from dough to door. Domino's also created an app in partnership with Netflix's "Stranger Things" allowing you to order pizza with your "mind." (Really, it just predicts the pizza you want based on the profile you've set up and offers a spooky illusion that it's hacked your brain, but we'll go with it.) It also uses AI to check the quality of its pizzas and plans to use autonomous EVs to deliver them.

How ordering Domino's Pizza on CarPlay works

There are only two prerequisites: to have a vehicle that supports Apple CarPlay and to have an iPhone that can connect to it. Of course, you'll need to download the Domino's app on your iPhone from the App Store. If successful, you should see the Domino's icon on your CarPlay home screen.

Once you have that, you can place an order one of two ways. You can either tap to order directly within the app or call your nearest Domino's and place your order the old-fashioned way. To use tap to order, you must choose between one of your saved pizzas or repeat a previous order, so be sure to dial in your cravings using the iPhone app ahead of your anticipated pizza emergency.

The Domino's app on CarPlay also allows you to track your order. It's unclear which options you'll have for delivery using this method. We imagine you'll be able to pick up the order at your nearest Domino's location or have it delivered to one of the addresses saved to your profile. The only way to find out is to try it on your next pizza night.