How To Enable Or Disable The Climate Controls In Your Tesla

Teslas have one of the more unusual interior layouts of any car (electric or otherwise) today. It takes minimalism to the extreme, and there are very few buttons to speak of, save for a few on the steering wheel that may (or may not) be a yoke similar to what you would see in the cockpit of a plane. 

Compare this to the veritable cornucopia of buttons in cars from a couple of decades ago — the difference is pretty striking. The sole interior feature of any Tesla is the large, iPad-like screen right in the middle of the dash that controls most aspects of the car. 

That includes your music, navigation, phone calls, and even locking the doors. As the weather gets warmer, you may want to throw on the A/C and mess with the climate control system while driving. In many cars, that can be accomplished by a few button taps or the twist of a knob. It's not that simple with a Tesla and its touchscreen. Fortunately, cranking the A/C isn't that complex once you figure out the screen. 

Tesla's touchscreen tricks

The climate controls are on the bottom of the touchscreen. According to the user manual for the Tesla Model 3, the default setting is "Auto," and tapping that allows you to adjust the specific temperature for different parts of the cabin. To turn it off completely, a power icon on the display's top left shuts it off. 

The touchscreen also allows you to dictate what vents are used and schedule the car to heat or cool itself while unoccupied to ensure a nice comfortable cabin when you're ready to drive. Tesla also states that the entirety of the climate control system can be controlled via the Tesla app or voice commands.

For colder climates, it's worth mentioning that using the heat for an extended period will impact your range numbers. So use caution and keep an eye on battery capacity when using the climate controls in weather that's on the icy side.