The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Is Set For A Big Cover Screen Upgrade

Since they arrived in 2019, Samsung's foldable smartphones have undergone iterative upgrades. As a result, the company's current lineup of foldable phones — the vertically folding Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the clamshell-styled Galaxy Z Flip 4 — have remained unchanged design-wise, despite receiving several upgrades in terms of their build and software. Given Samsung's position in the foldable smartphone space, this consistency has worked well until now.

However, with Chinese foldable phones from players like OPPO and Honor gradually catching up to Samsung in features and capabilities, it seems Samsung is finally acting. If we are to believe fresh rumors coming from the usually trustworthy folks at Sammobile, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 will likely feature a significant design overhaul — starting with an all-new, larger cover display.

The last time the cover screen of the Galaxy Z Flip lineup saw a size update was in 2021 when the Galaxy Z Flip 3's cover screen was updated to a 1.9-inch panel from the measly 1.1-inch panel used on its predecessor. In 2022, when Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip 4, the size of the cover display remained unchanged. Sammobile's new report indicates that Samsung will finally do away with this 1.9-inch panel to make way for a much larger cover display. Sammobile stopped short of sharing this panel's actual dimensions—but added that it could measure between 3 to 4 inches across. The publication also shared a mockup of what it claims to be the next-gen Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Improved 'waterdrop hinge' likely on both foldables

The Sammobile report also reiterates the possibility of the upcoming Fold and Flip devices receiving a water drop hinge. This updated hinge design could help Samsung address a significant pain point on Samsung foldables — the ungainly gap visible when the foldable displays on both phones are shut. 

In addition to these functional and design changes, there have been rumors about the possibility of Samsung releasing a third, entirely new foldable phone with a rumored tri-folding display this year. While the Sammobile report doesn't mention anything about this third foldable phone, that possibility was first postulated by famous Indian leaker Yogesh Brar.

As for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and its possible cover display size upgrade, this rumor was first put forth by a YouTuber, Super Roader, in collaboration with Technizo Concept, a few days ago. 

The newest Sammobile report only bolsters the claims made by Super Roader, who claimed that his concept design was "200000% real". While it would be interesting to see if these early leaks surrounding Samsung's next-gen foldables are accurate, Samsung fanboys are looking forward to all the new possibilities enabled by the Galaxy Z Flip 5's larger cover display.