Samsung May Finally Fix The Gap Problem Plaguing The Galaxy Z Fold

A lot has happened in the world of foldable smartphones since Samsung launched the first-generation Galaxy Z Fold in 2019. The foldable display on the initial batches of the Galaxy Z Fold wasn't highly durable and was susceptible to damage. 

In addition, the hinge mechanism on the phone was not strong enough to hold the display in place, which led to several instances of the display breaking or malfunctioning. The hinge also allowed dirt and debris to enter the device, which caused further damage. Many users also complained about the visible crease in the middle of the screen.

These issues were significant enough for Samsung to recall the initial batch of the first-gen Galaxy Z Fold, leading to a delay in the phone's release. Samsung subsequently launched the improved version of the phone, which was well received. 

Over the next few generations, Samsung made several refinements to the design of its foldable phones aimed at making them more durable. In the case of the Galaxy Z Fold series, the hinge mechanism has been improved to make it more durable and easier to use. Beginning with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 series that launched in 2021, the lineup also received IPX8 water and dust resistance certification.

Subsequently, when Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in 2022, it was the most refined, advanced version of the Galaxy Z Fold series. However, even this device could not fix an issue plaguing the Galaxy Z Fold lineup since inception — the rather noticeable gap when the phone is shut. Samsung is reportedly closer to fixing this issue on the next generation Fold, according to new reports

A thinner, gapless Galaxy Z Fold 5 on the way?

According to SamMobile, Samsung is expected to update its foldable smartphone lineup with the rumored Galaxy Z Fold and Flip smartphones later this year. While details are scarce, the devices could see upgrades on several fronts. A new report by noted Chinese leaker Ice Universe indicates that Samsung would incorporate an improved hinge mechanism on the Fold 5. This mechanism would eliminate the unmistakable gap that has been a noticeable trait on all Galaxy Fold devices since inception.

As previously outlined, this new mechanism will let users shut the phone perfectly flat. This change in design would also make the Galaxy Z Fold noticeably thinner than its predecessor. While the Galaxy Z Fold measures nearly 16mm when shut, the upcoming phone could be much thinner at just 13mm. This would make the phone easier to carry around, and easier to fit inside pockets as well.

In addition to the gapless foldable display, rumors also indicate the possibility of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 getting display panels made by Chinese display maker BOE. Furthermore, there is also talk of the cover display on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 sporting a different aspect ratio. If things go as planned, we can expect the Fold 5 and the Flip 5 devices to arrive between August and September 2023.