Nissan Teases New Electric R32 Skyline GTR Project

When it comes to Japanese sports cars, the Nissan R32 Skyline is undoubtedly part of the automotive hall of fame. Now, Nissan plans to update the R32 for the new electric landscape with an EV R32 GTR. 

Nissan Japan's Twitter account teased the new project with a video showing what appears to be a stock R32 Skyline firing up. At least it sounds stock and possesses an exhaust pipe, so this is presumably not what the EV R32 GTR will look like. 


Details are still scarce, and given that it has only been posted on Nissan's Japanese language sites, the United States is likely not the intended audience. According to Nissan, the project was the brainchild of a Nissan engineer who wanted to apply everything Nissan is learning about EVs to one of the most iconic Japanese domestic market (JDM) classics ever made. That seems to be a recipe for success if all goes according to plan.

An electrified JDM classic

This is not the first time a large automaker applied new technology to a JDM classic. In January, Toyota revealed a pair of alternative fuel versions of its iconic AE86 hatchback, with one possessing an EV drivetrain and the other using hydrogen fuel cells. Ford currently offers the Eluminator, an EV crate motor you can drop into any car (with a little work) to give it an EV drivetrain. 

The future is exciting for EV cars, thanks to companies like Nissan, who are willing to take a break from churning out Altimas to show that EV cars aren't all high-class Teslas and Lucids and are capable of being fun. A heavy dose of nostalgia doesn't hurt, either. 

Currently, there are few details as to what Nissan's plans are for the EV R32 Skyline, and it seems to be just a concept now. However, it's hard not to get excited at the project's potential.