Everything We Know About The 2024 Toyota 4Runner

When it comes to cars with a cult following, few match the Toyota 4Runner. Whether it's as a family run-around or hardcore off-roading rig, the 4Runner is a go-to for many buyers on the hunt for something big, reliable, and capable. While Toyota has not yet confirmed anything about the 2024 4Runner, many fans of Toyota's full-size SUV are excited thanks to the rumor mill. 

For starters, it seems as though the 2024 Toyota 4Runner may be delayed since we have not yet seen any official news about it. Reports from the likes of Automotive Press International indicate that the Toyota 4Runner will get a refresh in 2025 rather than 2024. Given the popularity of the platform, there's no doubt that a sixth-generation 4Runner is on the way, but a delay wouldn't be surprising, considering recent trends in the automotive industry and supply chain. It's important to note that there have been no spy images of the new 4Runner. As Visual Capitalist shows, the high demand for pickups and large SUVs is largely confined to North America, meaning a 4Runner redesign may not be high on Toyota Japan's list of priorities.

It's not set in stone that Toyota will delay the launch of a new 4Runner, though. At the time of writing, Toyota's official 2024 update page only features the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander. That's not to say that Toyota won't launch a 2024 4Runner later this year, though. It just won't be the sixth generation.

A minor update for the 2024 4Runner with bigger things to come in 2025

Regardless of when it gets a redesign, fans of the 4Runner will want to know if the 2024 4Runner is slated for any updates or equipment changes. Nothing has been confirmed by Toyota, as yet, but it's likely we'll see a move for improved fuel efficiency, and potentially even a hybrid drive train. Toyota has previously committed to having every model of its vehicles powered by a hybrid motor by 2025. It's likely that Toyota will save the hybrid drivetrain for the sixth generation update to the 4Runner, but expect smaller changes for the 2024 4Runner. 

The 2025 Toyota 4Runner could see some bigger changes, though, with Toyota moving much of its SUV lineup to the TNGA-F (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform. This means that the 4Runner would maintain its body-on-frame design, which should please the off-road inclined. A move to the TNGA-F platform should lower the center of gravity in an attempt to improve on-road handling and introduce greater visibility. The core tenets of Toyota's TNGA include narrow A-pillars and thin dashboards, both of which would change the look of the 4Runner substantially, increasing visibility through the windshield and potentially making the interior roomier. This trend played out with the 2022 Tundra update that moved it to the TNGA-F. Like with the Tundra's update, expect the next-generation 4Runner to have more aggressive styling to better compete with the likes of Ford and Chevrolet in the U.S.