Framework Reveals 2023 Modular Laptop Lineup, And This Time AMD Is Along For The Ride

Framework — the company known for its modular, easy-to-repair laptops — has been a big proponent of the right-to-repair movement. Since the release of Framework's first modular laptop, the Framework 13, in July 2021, the company has been on a mission to expand its product lineup. In 2022, the company updated the Framework 13 with Intel's 12th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 chips and an upgraded back panel. Almost a year later, Framework has given its entire laptop range a thorough refresh.

The latest products to sport the Framework logo include a refreshed Framework 13 model and a new, larger Framework 16 model. Framework's 2023 refresh also includes a new set of modular kits for its laptops. In addition to these developments, Framework will offer AMD chips as an option to consumers. Until now, all of Framework's laptops were powered by Intel chips.

Adhering to its philosophy of designing products that are in for the long haul, Framework also confirmed that all of its newly-launched, upgraded modules are compatible with older Framework laptops. Among the most notable of these upgrades include a larger 61 Wh battery that offers 11% greater capacity compared to the existing battery. Framework has managed to keep the size of this battery identical to the older battery, owing to which older laptops also have the option to use the updated battery pack.

Everything new with the 2023 Framework 13 and Framework 16 laptops

The 2023 Framework 13 laptops allow consumers to choose between two AMD-powered systems, and three Intel-powered systems. While the entry-level Intel-powered machine uses the 13th Gen Intel Core i5-1340P chipset, packs in a 52 Wh battery, and supports DDR4-3200 RAM, the higher-priced options get Intel's i7-1360P and i7-1370P processors. Both of these machines also get the newer 61 Wh battery pack. On the AMD side, consumers get two processor options from the Ryzen 7040 series; the entry-level option packs a Ryzen 5 chip, and the pricier option uses a Ryzen 7 processor. Framework adds that both the AMD and Intel variants support Fedora 38 and Ubuntu 22.04 right out of the box.

Framework is positioning its new Framework 16 laptops as high-performance machines.  These new devices have the same philosophy as the company's existing models while offering significantly better performance. The Framework 16 lineup also marks the debut of two new module ecosystems that include a fully reconfigurable input deck and support for modular, upgradeable graphics. In addition to these, the Framework also carries forward the expansion card system to the 16-inch models. The various accessories supported by this expansion card system include M.2 SSDs, card readers, external cameras, and even AI accelerators.

Framework has opened up pre-orders for the AMD and Intel versions of the 2023 Framework 13 models. Those looking for the Framework 16, however, will need to wait longer. Preorders for this larger model will open by spring 2023, with the first shipments expected sometime in late 2023. Besides these periodic updates, Framework also confirmed the expansion of its operations into four new countries: Taiwan, Belgium, Italy, and Spain.