The Upgraded Framework Laptop Just Showed Us Why Modular Is So Exciting

At the peak of the right to repair debate in early 2021, Framework, a U.S.-based startup, announced its intentions to launch a lineup of laptops that were not only compact and stylish but also scored high on the upgradability and repairability front. The company went on to launch its first product in May 2021.

One year later, Framework has just launched a new line of upgradeable laptops based on Intel's latest 12th Gen Core processors. Aside from supporting the more recent processors, Framework also announced that it plans to bring a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Card in the days to come. With the addition of two new laptop models, Framework's entire portfolio spans three different models. Note that this also includes the original Framework laptop the company launched last year.

Today's new products include a prebuilt Framework laptop that comes in three different configurations based on 12th Gen Intel Core chips. Then there is the DIY edition of the laptop that allows you to individually select the memory, processor, and storage and assemble everything yourself.

The freshly announced laptops are on preorder beginning May 19, 2022. For people who already own Framework's laptop from last year, the company will soon offer upgrade kits that can be separately purchased from the Framework marketplace.

Decoding Framework's 2022 lineup

Regardless of the 2022 Framework laptop you buy, you will end up with a model that is 16 mm thin and weighs less than 1.3 kg. Both new models also support the company's expansion card system. The current configuration offers users a 13.5-inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio.

An interesting addition is a hardware privacy switch which is also standard on every model. The keyboard offers 1.5 mm of key travel, and Framework has also thrown in a capable 1080p web camera. Users can choose between getting their system preinstalled with Windows 11 or going with a Linux distro of their choice.

With the DIY edition, users have the option to choose their own parts and assemble the system themselves and also have a choice of Linux distros. Framework confirmed that they have worked on improving Linux support while adding that the new systems fully support Fedora 36 out of the box. Ubuntu, while not as well-supported as Fedora, can be installed on the system with full functionality — albeit with some workarounds.

The folks at Framework suggest that they'll ship the new laptops to customers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, and Ireland starting July 2022. As for the pricing, the standard, pre-assembled model starts at $1,049, while the DIY machine starts at $819. The company also says they'll continue to sell last year's first-generation model for $899 until their current supplies are exhausted. For those considering a purchase, Framework has a dedicated page that compares all three currently-available laptops.