New Explorer EV From Ford Unveiled For European Market

Ford is finally making an electric version of its wildly popular Explorer SUV, but it isn't coming stateside (at least anytime soon). The new EV Explorer is designed for European markets, according to a press release from Ford. Specific range numbers are not available as of yet, but Ford says the EV Explorer is capable of charging from 10% to 80% battery in as little as 25 minutes.

Much like the F-150 Lightning, it lacks a conventional grille, but the exterior is recognizably Ford Explorer-shaped, and was designed, engineered, and built by Ford's team at the Ford Cologne EV Center in Germany. According to Ford, the Explorer EV will be available with all manner of storage compartments one would expect from a modern family SUV, and is purpose built for long drives and vacations. The infotainment system, running Ford's SYNC Move operating system, is a 15-inch movable tablet that will be plan out charging locations to the driver during each road trip.

Ford's strategic partnership with Volkswagen

Ford has not confirmed the exact price for the EV, but it said it's anticipated to be less than €45,000 ($48243.70). The EV is only available as the base "Explorer" trim and "Explorer Premium" trim. The ordering banks are scheduled to open up later this year.

According to CNBC, the EV Explorer uses Volkswagen's MEB platform, made with the intention of beating companies like Tesla at the EV game. The MEB platform is used in VWs like the ID.4 and ID.3. Ford built its Cologne EV Center with help from a strategic partnership with the Volkswagen Group. 

Through Ford's European sites, you can experience a "virtual test drive" of the new EV Explorer ahead of its release. As of now, there is no specific timeframe as to when the EV Explorer will start showing up on European roads. Hopefully, the production issues Ford experienced with the F-150 Lightning will get smoothed out for the European market.