Jabra Elite 4 Wireless Earbuds Pick Up ANC And Bluetooth Multipoint

Danish audio company Jabra has just announced the Elite 4 series of entry-level wireless earbuds. The new product succeeds the Jabra Elite 3 — which launched in August of 2021 — and incorporates several upgrades over its predecessor. 

The two significant upgrades the Elite 4 has over the Elite 3 include support for Bluetooth Multipoint and Active Noise Cancellation. Thanks to Bluetooth Multipoint support, the Elite 4 users can connect to two different devices simultaneously, while also allowing users to easily switch between them.

Despite being an entry-level device from Jabra's lineup, the Elite 4 is loaded with features, and is positioned as a pair of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds that offer consumers an advanced set of features at pocket-friendly prices. In addition to ANC and Bluetooth Multipoint, the Jabra Elite 4 also gets the ability to pair quickly with audio accessories using Jabra's proprietary Fast Pair and Swift Pair technologies.

To ensure consistent call quality, the Elite 4 also packs four microphones, minimizing the chances of the wearer's sound getting lost in the din. Another interesting feature is the mono mode option, which allows users to keep just one earbud in use while the other charges itself in the case.

Thanks to the 6mm drivers, the Jabra Elite 4 maintains its compact dimensions and low weight (6 grams). Almost all features of the Elite 4 can be accessed via the Jabra Sound+ app, which also features a handy music equalizer.

Jabra Elite 4: Specs, price, and details

Like other earbuds of its class, the Jabra Elite 4 comes with its own charging case, alongside many accessories including a USB-C to USB-A cable, and three sets of ear tips. The Jabra Elite 4 also claims a wide audio frequency range (20Hz to 20000Hz), and also supports Qualcomm aptX.

Jabra also makes several claims about battery life: With ANC off and the case and earbuds of the Jabra Elite 4 fully charged, the music playback could last up to 28 hours. With the ANC switched on, the battery life plummets by a couple of hours, and comes down to roughly 22 hours. 

On the other hand, fully charged earbuds could last up to seven hours without ANC and up to 5.5 hours with noise cancellation on. In addition to this, Jabra also claims that the Elite 4 supports IP55 rating, making the device fairly rainproof. Consumers have three color options for the Jabra Elite 4: "Dark Gray," "Navy," "Lilac," and "Light Beige."

Starting March 21, the Jabra Elite 4 goes on sale internationally with a price tag of $99.99. Given Jabra's history with discounts, it is quite likely that the Elite 4 could shed a couple of dollars a few months down the road. The Elite 4 joins Jabra's wide range of wireless earbuds that currently includes the flagship Elite 7 Active ($179.99), the Jabra Elite 5 ($149.99), the Elite 4 Active (119.99), and the aforementioned Jabra Elite 3 ($59.99).