The 3 Best Xbox Series X|S Compatible Racing Wheels To Use In 2023

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Have you recently upgraded to an Xbox Series X or Series S and been worried you might not be able to get a proper racing fix due to its relative freshness? Don't be! Not only are there tons of wheel-ready racing games available for the Xbox Series X|S, but you can also tap into history thanks to the systems' deep backward compatibility support.

The legacy support extends to all controllers, too. That includes racing wheels. The best wheels for the Xbox Series X|S are options you've likely already stumbled upon if you've been researching on your own, as the newest consoles support nearly all of the same the gear that's been available for every console since the original Xbox One (Kinect sadly excluded).

You have more options at your fingertips than you'd think to get behind the digital wheel, but there are only a few that most racers should seriously be eyeing in 2023. We considered wide-ranging budgets when narrowing down our locks for the top 3 racing wheels that are compatible with any modern Xbox console you own. Speed ahead for the details.

Best overall: Logitech G923

The Logitech G923 is a popular choice among gamers looking for a realistic racing experience on their Xbox Series X and Series S without paying a mortgage for the privilege. The G923 is widely lauded for its advanced features and innovative TRUEFORCE technology, which provides precise force feedback to the wheel based on in-game events in select titles, allowing you to feel every turn, bump, and brake. Some users think Logitech's wheels are a little too responsive, noting it can often feel as though the wheel is more in control than you are. Luckily, you can fine-tune settings in games like "Forza Motorsport" to take the edge off.

Built of pure metal, the leather-wrapped wheel features dual paddle shifters, an LED rev indicator, all the face buttons you can handle, plus the option to add a dedicated shifter if you want to heighten the immersion. As for pedals, you'll get a programmable dual clutch to go along with your throttle and brake, the latter of which has a progressive spring that simulates the tension you'd feel in any pressure-sensitive braking system.

The Logitech G923 is easy to set up, with a user-friendly design and an uncomplicated installation process. Just mount it, plug it in, and play. In addition to the Xbox Series X and Series S, you can also use it with the Xbox One and PC. It normally retails for $400, but you can sometimes find sales bringing it down to $300.

Best on a budget: Thrustmaster Ferrari 458

The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 racing wheel is an affordable option for Xbox Series X players who are looking for an immersive racing experience without breaking the bank. Typically just north of $100, this racing wheel offers great value for the money. It's compatible with all Xbox consoles from the Xbox One onward, including the Xbox Series X. You can also use it with any Windows PC

This wheel owes its name to Thrustmaster's collaboration with the luxury car brand. It was designed as a replica of the wheel inside the Ferrari 458 Italia, complete with authentic logos and detailing. This attention to detail extends to the wheel's construction, with a rubber texture that provides a comfortable and firm grip during gameplay. It also has a 240-degree rotation angle with sensitivity that can be tailored to a user's preference. A bungee cord design enables automatic wheel centering and linear resistance, which are nice touches for a wheel this affordable.

In addition to the wheel itself, the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 also comes with a set of adjustable pedals designed to accommodate different foot sizes, complete with progressive resistance brakes and tools to tweak overall tension. You won't find advanced haptic feedback in any wheel at this price point, but this is the next best thing.

Best for pro racing enthusiasts: Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel

If you're serious about racing, but can't quite afford a proper speedster to hit the local tracks, this might be the next best thing. The Logitech G Pro is a splurge for racing enthusiasts looking for the absolute best wheel for their Xbox Series X. You'd probably be cheating yourself if you didn't pair it with a full racing rig. The wheel alone costs $999, and you'll need another $349 if you want the load cell braking pedals to match.

As you'd expect based on its cost, the Logitech G Pro racing wheel is designed with high-end materials and features, like a Direct Drive motor that provides ultra-low latency feedback with its 11 nm design, plus an insane 900-degree rotation angle to whip around tight apexes. Its paddle shifters are magnetic and give you the same satisfying feel that you might find in an actual pro race car. The thumb-friendly button layout gives you access to all the controls you'll need to keep your hands on the wheel while making on-the-fly adjustments, and Logitech even left room for future upgrades.

The beauty is that this all comes with the same ease of setup as the cheaper G923. Truth be told, it's likely far more wheel than most people will ever need, but you owe it to yourself if racing is your ultimate jam.