7 Things The PS5 Can Do That The Xbox Series X Can't

Between their comparable graphics chipsets, price tags, and ability to output beautiful 8K visuals, the latest premium gaming consoles seem fairly similar at a glance, but Sony designed a handful of key features into the PlayStation 5 that aren't anywhere to be found on the Xbox Series X. The differences between the most powerful PlayStation and Xbox to date go beyond their respective futuristic and boxy designs, as the PS5 sports exclusive games, ways to play, and immersive technologies that you can't experience with the Xbox Series X.

Although the Xbox Series X has its own unique perks, such as a mammoth library of backwards compatible games from the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox, a larger 1TB internal SSD for more storage, rich audio and visuals via Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and a handy Quick Resume feature to seamlessly jump between multiple games and apps, there are several key things a PS5 can do that an Xbox Series X can't.

PS VR2 gaming

One significant difference between the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 is the PS5's ability to play immersive virtual reality games and experiences. Although PS5 owners will need to invest in a PlayStation VR2 kit for an additional $549.99, VR fans will appreciate its impressive 4K HDR visuals and precise motion controls, as well as its engaging haptic headset feedback, eye tracking, and 3D stereo sound. Some must-try PS VR2 games include the terrifying "Resident Evil Village," the spine-chilling "Jurassic World Aftermath Collection," and the captivating puzzle title "Tetris Effect: Connected."

If you are interested in enjoying the best VR games on the market, already own a PS5, and don't want to spend the money needed for a quality VR-ready PC, a PS VR2 is a relatively affordable way to play. Unfortunately for Xbox Series X owners, it doesn't seem as though Xbox Game Studios has plans to incorporate VR gaming into the Xbox ecosystem in the foreseeable future.

Motion sensing controller

Although Xbox experimented with motion-based gaming via the camera-like Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, the Seattle-based console manufacturer has never released a motion-sensing controller like the PlayStation 5's DualSense wireless controller. A wide selection of PS5 games utilize the DualSense's gyroscope and accelerometer for optional motion-based gaming for a more immersive experience.

Like the Nintendo Switch and its own motion-sensing Joy-Con controllers, the PS5 supports optional motion-based controls for intuitive aiming in competitive shooters such as "Overwatch 2" and "Fortnite," the ability to use the controller like a racing wheel in games like "Gran Turismo 7," and precise robot hunting action in "Horizon Forbidden West" by tilting the controller to aim your bow. Unlike many games on the Nintendo Wii such as "Wii Sports" and "Donkey Kong Country Returns," most games that feature motion-sensing controls on the PS5 allow players to revert to a traditional button and joystick-based control scheme.

PS5-exclusive games and backwards compatibility

It is only to be expected that PlayStation would go out of its way to secure a selection of games that are exclusive to the PS5, and there are quite a few titles that aren't available on the Xbox Series X. Some of the most notable examples of PS5-exclusive games include the open world action of "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales," the spooky supernatural adventure of "Ghostwire: Tokyo," and the charming adventures of a cat exploring a world of robots in "Stray."

Not only that, the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible with over 4,000 classic PS4 games that aren't playable on Xbox consoles, including "Shadow of the Colossus," "Ratchet & Clank," and "Detroit: Become Human." As an added bonus, many PS4 titles benefit from the PS5 console's "Game Boost" technologies, which improve the visuals of these older games with smoother or higher frame rates. On the other hand, there are plenty of Xbox console exclusives that aren't likely to make the jump to the PS5 as well, such as "Halo Infinite," "Rare Replay," and "Killer Instinct."

Swappable console covers

Unlike the Xbox Series X and its standard black design, both models of the PlayStation 5 feature swappable console covers to suit your décor and sense of style. Easy to slide on and off the core PS5 and its diskless counterpart, console covers are available in a rainbow of hues: Cosmic Red, Galactic Purple, Grey Camouflage, Midnight Black, Nova Pink, and Starlight Blue. In addition to giving your PS5's standard white cover an eye-catching alternate hue, PlayStation provides an array of matching DualSense wireless controllers for gamers who need their console and accessories to seamlessly blend together.

They are exceedingly rare and made in limited numbers, however, a few alternate Xbox Series X designs are available for collectors, such as the "Halo Infinite Limited Edition Console." Imprinted with stars, a metallic coating with gold lining, and a Cortana-blue top vent, this Xbox Series X is difficult to find online and particularly expensive.

Integrated controller speaker and microphone

Sony's PlayStation 5 features the first PlayStation controller with an integrated controller speaker; a handy and engaging feature that isn't found in Xbox controllers. The DualSense wireless controller sports a small, yet powerful speaker that adds depth to your games to crank out immersive sound effects like screeching tires, scary off-screen footsteps, and ambient sounds from the world around you from the palms of your hands. Many games from the expansive PS5 library take full advantage of this feature, and players may be surprised to hear some of the innovative ways that game developers send key sound effects directly to the controller.

Although DualSense wireless controllers sport a headphone port, this built-in speaker can be used to listen to in-game chat with friends and teammates without headphones. This budget-friendly feature is nice to have if you aren't in a position to buy additional accessories, or simply don't like wearing headphones while you play online games.

Another perk that PS5 controllers have over Xbox Series X controllers is an integrated microphone. Sure, both PS5 and Xbox controllers have a dedicated 3.5mm headset jack, however, the DualSense wireless controller lets PS5 players talk into their microphone without needing to wear a headset.

Some players prefer the convenience that comes with communicating with teammates via the controller microphone, and it's a good thing that the standard PS5 controller includes a dedicated mute button, which is especially handy when you need a break or other online competitors get a little too mouthy.

Note that PS5 owners can easily adjust the volume or mute their controller speaker as needed from the settings menu.

Adaptive triggers

Some Xbox Series X controllers feature a trigger lock mechanism that allows them to be shortened for a rapid-firing tactical advantage, but PS5's DualSense wireless controllers feature another, more immersive trigger-based innovation. A PS5's adaptive triggers translate the action on screen to the resistance of pulling its dual triggers in your hands.

For instance, in "Horizon Forbidden West," players will feel the tension every time they pull back on their bow to take down vicious robot dinosaurs, climb treacherous cliff faces, or utilize one of this title's many tools and weapons. PS5 games utilize the console's adaptive triggers in many ways, from the shudder of hitting a car's brakes in inclement weather and pulling a rope in a hard-fought game of tug-of-war, to reminding players that their character's stamina gauge is empty and web-slinging across New York City's sprawling skyline as Marvel's Spider-Man.

Game help

Although every Xbox Series X game includes an option to search online for help with individual in-game achievements, the PS5 goes the extra mile for providing a comprehensive guide via PlayStation's Game Help feature for certain games. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber and are playing a compatible game, simply press the PS button, navigate to the Control Center, and browse the available Game Help Activity Cards for information regarding in-game challenges you may be having trouble with.

Game Help provides relevant guide videos and images that detail exactly what to do and how to do it to guide players through puzzles and tight spots. These Game Help guides are a snap to resize and pin to your game in a picture-in-picture mode so you can reference it at a glance while blazing a path through hard PS5 games. The ability to instantly pull up the perfect guide for your games as you're playing them is far more convenient than stopping, searching for, and memorizing a YouTube tutorial.