Stream 'Ted Lasso' Without Spending A Dime With This Free Apple TV+ Promo

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Apple TV+ has plenty of good shows and movies, but perhaps its most wholesome show right now is "Ted Lasso." The comedy/drama is — at least on the surface — all about sports, but the soccer is often just a facade for the real heart of the show, which lies in the characters, their lives, and their relationships. "Ted Lasso" is a heartwarming experience, and if you'd like to be able to watch it for free without having to pay for an Apple TV+ membership, you're in luck.

"Ted Lasso" is about to enter its third season. Set to debut on March 15, this award-winning comedy is bound to make viewers want to try out Apple TV+; be it for the first time, or as a returning subscriber. The plot still remains a mystery, but the second season leaves a lot of room for interesting plotlines. With a major character turning to the dark side at the very end of the second season, it'll be interesting to see the aftermath and the effect it may have on the AFC Richmond squad.

So far, it appears that "Ted Lasso" might end with season three, so the stakes are higher than ever for the production and the actors to deliver a compelling and satisfying ending. However, there might be spin-offs on the horizon, and chances are that those will also be streamed on Apple TV+ if they're ever produced.

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