Model S And Model X Now Offered In A Brand New Color From Tesla

For an automaker considered a leader in electric vehicles, Tesla has long been criticized for offering such a limited, uninspiring range of paint colors. Though it offered more variety in the past, the choice of hues was gradually reduced to simplify operations at the company's Fremont, California facility until only a couple of colors remained, even on Telsa's premium Model S and Model X vehicles.

Buyers in Europe and the Middle East have been slightly more fortunate because Tesla's Gigafactory in Berlin has what Elon Musk humbly called the "world's most advanced paint shop," capable of delivering two additional colors: Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red. We say "slightly more fortunate" because the two new Berlin colors are only available on Model Ys with the Performance or Long Range spec.

In America, the only color completely free of charge on the Model S or Model X is Pearl White Multi-Coat. Other optional color choices include Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, and Deep Blue Metallic, all of which cost an extra $1,500 over the basic Pearl White Multi-Coat.

But now, U.S. buyers have a new choice — Ultra Red — which carries a $3,000 premium over the standard Pearl White Multi-Coat. The previous red color, Red Multi-Coat, was a $2,500 option, so the new Ultra Red is only a net $500 increase for buyers that lust for a red Tesla.

Ultra Red compliments the Model S and Model X's complexity

The new Ultra Red appears to slot between the two other red hues that Tesla offers. It's darker than the Red Multi-Coat (below) but lighter than Midnight Cherry Red. Red Multi-Coat will remain a $2,000 option on Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

It seems like offering Ultra Red only on Tesla's flagship models is a move toward adding an air of exclusivity to these cars. The nuances and ability to shift appearance under different lighting conditions suit the Model S and Model X's complex design better than Red Multi-Coat. According to YouTuber Met God in Wilderness, the new Ultra Red cars are already being produced and can be observed in the Fremont factory's parking lot.

Besides launching a fresh new color, Tesla has also been in the news this week for reducing the Model S and Model X price by a margin of 4% to 9%, depending on model and trim level. Perhaps buyers can use the savings to splurge on a flashy new Ultra Red paint job.