The Most Incredible Features Of Jamie Foxx's Million Dollar Studio On Wheels

Jamie Foxx is a multifaceted entertainer whose career has seen stints in stand-up comedy, music, television, and film. The actor and singer has appeared in many productions, showcasing a vast range. He took on the powerfully moving, titular role in "Django Unchained" and brought Ray Charles to life in 2004's "Ray." He's appeared in the Spider-Man franchise, "Collateral," the film adaptation of "Miami Vice," and "Jarhead."

Jamie Foxx is also a Grammy-winning singer with multiple highly acclaimed albums. More recently, Foxx has been on the road filming a talk show sponsored by Grey Goose called "Off Script." The show offers insight into the lives and personalities of some of Hollywood's most iconic players. Functionally, the program extends a fascination that Foxx has always held to a larger audience. "I've been having people at my house and on my radio show for years, like Jay-Z, Quincy Jones, and Puff... I come at it from the perspective of being a fan; it gives me an opportunity to learn something from them, but also helps people understand them better," he told Men's Journal in 2018.

Not only is the show a work of great entertainment, but the studio that Foxx uses to film each episode is also truly a work of art. He wanted to speak with some of the biggest names in the business, but these people often balance fully packed schedules. His solution is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

The vision came together as a massive trailer with popout sides

Working with Anderson Mobile Estates, Jamie Foxx created a custom studio on wheels. The trailer is outfitted with various elegant features and costs at least $1.8 million (the starting price of an Anderson custom). The vehicle's exterior looks a little like the mobile command center the antagonist drives around in "Life Free or Die Hard," but the purpose is far less sinister. 

Bringing the studio to his guests is a unique concept, to be sure, but one that offered Foxx the ability to interview massive stars in between their busy filming schedules. It allowed him to bring the facility to the guest, wherever they might be. "Off Script" has provided quick-hitting interviews with Chadwick Boseman, Sarah Silverman, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Denzel Washington, Melissa McCarthy, and Benicio Del Toro.

His vision for a mobile studio was built with the company that delivered Mariah Carey's "The Lounge" and Will Smith's "The Heat." For Jamie Foxx's vehicle, dubbed "Off Script," in honor of the show he was producing, Anderson Mobile Estates built a customized two-story trailer with sides extending to offer ample room for movement, filming equipment, and comfort. The trailer also uses a hydraulic roof design to raise the unit's height when it isn't traveling along the highway. It's like David Gilmour's houseboat recording studio, but for video instead of audio.

The two story build is dominated by studio space in the main floor

The lifting roof brings a doubling of floor space to "Off Script's" total area (before adding the sliding sides). The studio itself takes over the primary area. The space hosts a custom, C-shaped couch finished with royal blue velvet. The sofa is dominant in the room, making for a luxurious interview venue that can put even the most defensive guest at ease. 

In tackling the interviewing landscape today, Jamie Foxx says that his primary goal with the show was to "share a sliver of what they do in their everyday lives. We live in a world now where everything is a hit job. I wanted to give them a safe place to come and speak about their lives and careers."

The entertainment industry can certainly be brutal, and Foxx's quick interview format highlighting the individual and their unique life experiences is a down to Earth take on the art form. The studio that unlocks these interview opportunities surely helps create some of the magic. Inside "Off Script," there's the studio space, an additional couch in one of the slide-out sides, a record player table, and a classy bar area. The trailer also includes makeup and preparation areas for Jamie Foxx. Details on the second floor are hard to come by, but the production crew may likely have been set up in this part of the trailer, considering that the whole endeavor was built to fit within the customized vehicle.

His mobile interview space is adorned with Grey Goose décor

To round out the trailer, Jamie Foxx had another customization in mind. He added a Grey Goose-themed bar in an area that would be part of the background during interview sessions. The blue couch complements the brand's color scheme as well. Grey Goose partnered with Foxx in 2018, and the vodka maker sponsors the show. In coordination with JASH and The Sunshine Company, Grey Goose handled the production and digital distribution of "Off Script."

"Jamie Foxx is one of the film industry's brightest stars with infectious charisma and charm... Grey Goose has a long history of supporting film and bringing great stories to life, and we look forward to continuing this exciting new storytelling avenue with Jamie," Yann Marois, senior vice president of Grey Goose, said of the show as it launched. Grey Goose is featured prominently in the studio, and this partnership and decorating choice add weight to the trailer-turned-talk show studio.