The New Mercedes E-Class Has A Wild Dashboard

The Mercedes E-Class has long been a staple of the Mercedes-Benz brand and it's been available in a variety of forms over multiple generations, ranging from a convertible to a station wagon powered by a diesel engine. It's a jack of all trades and Mercedes has been innovating and adding to the model since its inception. According to Mercedes-Benz, over 17 million E-Class models have been sold since the brand first introduced it way back in 1946. Earlier this month, Mercedes decided to cut several body styles from its lineup and although the E-Class lost a few configurations in the process, the brand is revamping it for a new generation.

With the new generation comes a host of upgrades and changes that are expected for a brand as technology-focused and forward-thinking as Mercedes. What was not expected, however, is the new E-Class's outlandish dashboard that might give a home theater system a run for its money.

Screens as far as the eye can see

The 2024 E-Class dashboard and infotainment setup sure is a sight to behold. Powered by MBUX, the Mercedes-Benz operating system, the car features Burmeister surround sound, ambient lighting that responds to voice commands and learns routines through an AI, and 5G connectivity. If that wasn't enough, according to a Mercedes press release, the MBUX system is compatible with Angry Birds and Tik-Tok, because why not? 

The interior of the E-Class features three separate screens that flow into each other. There's a screen right behind the steering wheel that displays driving information, gauges, and other pertinent details. The infotainment screen sits in the middle, and to the right is a small optional screen that allows passengers to access streaming content. Mercedes even made the screen display content in such a way that it won't distract the driver. The car itself also features a series of cameras that make it possible for the driver to host Zoom calls inside the car while it's stationary. It's basically a rolling office. 

The new dash will make its debut on the 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class when it launches later this year.