Can You Watch Netflix On The Nintendo Switch?

Pretty much ever since the Switch launched back in 2017, users have been interested in using it to watch Netflix (in addition to playing games, of course). It's something we pondered over a couple of years later, in 2019, and even now there's still no word — or even a vague sign — that the popular video streaming service will appear on Nintendo's hybrid console.

There were vague allusions to the possibility from Netflix customer service (via Twitter), but fans are still waiting years later. This is a bit odd, seeing as the Switch is already home to similar services like Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, YouTube, and Twitch. And yet, there's still no Netflix app in the eShop. We can presume the reason is likely tied to money in some way, as these kinds of things so often are, but who knows? 

Maybe Netflix doesn't have the means or desire to adapt its app for the Switch's system configuration. Perhaps Nintendo doesn't want Netflix on its console for some reason (which would be surprising, seeing as it was previously available on the DS). Though, arguably, is it even necessary when the average Switch user likely already has access to a smartphone or tablet that can run the app instead?

There's a way to watch Netflix on Switch, but it's complicated

If you really, really want to watch Netflix on your Switch, it is technically possible, but it's not recommended as it requires going outside the bounds of typical console use. Basically, you'll have to jailbreak your Switch. It's an involved process (via XDA Developers) of downloading and installing Android OS on the console, and once complete you'll have voided the warranty, will no longer be eligible for official console support from Nintendo, and will be more susceptible to being hacked. 

Whether or not jailbreaking your Switch is worth the risk in order to watch Netflix is something only you can decide, however, it bears repeating that there are several other platform options available besides this one, and none of them require removing your defenses against hacking. Assuming you decide to go through with it, once Android OS is up and running on your Switch, you can then use it like any other Android tablet. For that reason, all you have to do is log into the Google Play Store and download the official Netflix app, then log in with your account and start streaming.