The big Disney+ ESPN+ Hulu bundle is here: Worth it?

Today we're taking a peek at the big Disney Plus bundle with ESPN Plus and ad-free Hulu. This bundle was just made widely available today after a smaller release and announcement in recent weeks. This version of the subscription service puts all three streaming services in one payment plan and makes their combined price slightly lower than the services would be on their own.

If you purchased each of these subscription services on their own, you'd be paying approximately $6 more per month. If you subscribe to the bundle, the price will be approximately $19 USD. If you look at the price on your bill, you'll likely see $18.99 right out the gate.

There's also a version of this bundle that'll cost slightly less than this. If you're not worried about seeing advertisements in your Hulu, you can get the bundle with all three services (with the Hulu with ads system) for approximately $13 per month.

Disney+ usually costs approximately $7 per month, while ad-free Hulu is generally $12, and ESPN+ is around $6. If you already get any of these three services as part of a complimentary year-of-service, like for example the Verizon deal that was released over the last year – you might want to hold off.

If you don't get any discounts at the moment on any of these services, and you use all three, now might be a good time to pack em all up into a single price. There's a bundle page over at Disney+ right this minute for the masses. You'll also find a $69.99 per year price available if you're all about paying for the whole thing at once – that's the best price of the bunch if you've got the cash.

Take a peek at the timeline below to learn more about a couple of the Disney+ shows we've been following closely, and let us know if you're watching something new on any one of these services right now.