This Hidden Samsung Galaxy Feature Will Automatically Optimize Your Phone's Performance

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Samsung is famous for delivering some of the best (if not the priciest) Android phones on the market. Galaxy-branded handsets in particular tend to be full-featured, maximalist affairs, looking to provide customers with everything from a stylus to a voice-controlled selfie option for the onboard camera.

Not all the features on Samsung's top-line smartphones are immediately obvious, however. For reasons of their own, the Korean manufacturer is known to slip Easter eggs and subtle features into their products that can take a bit of digging for users to unearth. Some are small quality-of-life improvements like that voice-controlled selfie feature, but others get into the guts of the Galaxy and deliver substantial changes for the better.

Most recently, dedicated digging revealed a hidden feature that could improve virtually every process on your Samsung phone of choice. Here's how to improve the performance of a Samsung device without spending a cent or downloading an app that wasn't on your phone already.

Liberate your mind (and processor)

In this case, the good work was done by MakeUseOf, where dedicated diggers unearthed Samsung's Auto Optimization feature. Auto Optimization is a built-in tool on Samsung phones intended to, you guessed it, optimize the phone's processing, increasing battery life, reducing overheating, and keeping apps running smoothly.

As of the Samsung One UI 5 update, the process of activating Auto Optimization was pleasantly simple. Simply click through to Settings, then to Battery and Device Care. Once there, scroll until you see Auto Optimization and switch the "Restart when needed" option. That will allow the phone to restart when not being used, clearing caches and background apps to free up vital processor cycles for tasks you actually care about.

Auto Optimization can't solve every problem a user might encounter on a Samsung Galaxy phone, but it's a powerful onboard tool characteristic of the brand. It's particularly worth exploring if you're seeing common phone quirks like app crashes or a flickering screen.