Revel Is Planning A Massive EV Charging Network - Here's When Its Set To Open

New York City is set to become the location of the Western Hemisphere's largest "Superhub" EV fast charging network, according to a Brooklyn-Based EV infrastructure company. The network will triple the number of charging stations available across the city's five boroughs. 

Infrastructure is one of the largest barriers to electric vehicle adoption, and the Big Apple is currently a good example of its present shortcomings. According to Bloomberg, there are currently just over 500 charging stations across New York City, which currently has around eight million residents. Apartment living may also make things more difficult. There is a shortage of curbside charging, and installing a private charging station isn't really an option if you rent a studio in Brooklyn.

Nationwide, there is ongoing heavy investment from both government and private institutions in an attempt to get the Untied States ready for large scale EV adoption. The Biden Administration plans to install over 500,000 charging stations nationwide by the year 2030. The funding comes from the $174 billion put aside for EV projects in the $2 trillion infrastructure bill which passed in 2021. 

The money is split amongst multiple projects, with one of the more interesting being the planned "alternative fuel corridors." These corridors aim to make long-distance electric travel more practical, due to routes being lined with multiple EV fast charging options. But long-distance travel isn't the only issue: unbalanced access to charging stations is more of a problem. While it has the most charging stations overall, green-policy friendly California actually has far fewer chargers per EV in the state than Midwest states like Wyoming. Projects like the one Revel has just revealed, may soon change that.

NYC to get record-breaking Superhub

Brooklyn-based company Revel is constructing charging locations in four of the city's five boroughs, with most of the projects scheduled for completion this year. The project will expand Revel's NYC charging network to 160 stalls, with 60 of those located in the Maspeth Superhub. Once it opens, Maspeth will be the largest EV charging hub in the Western hemisphere. 

136 new charging stalls will be added in total, which will make Revel responsible for around 80% of the city's public fast charging infrastructure. All of the locations will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all types of production electric vehicles can be charged there. Ultrafast charging stations, which can fill a battery in under 20 minutes, will be available at all locations.

In a statement, Revel CEO & Co-Founder Frank Reig says: "We need high-volume, public sites in the neighborhoods where people actually live and work, and that's exactly what Revel is delivering with our growing Superhub network. This is the biggest fast charging expansion our city has ever seen, and it's a huge step toward making our EV transition a reality."

The exact plans for each station are as follows. In addition to the 60 stalls set to open in Maspeth, Queens, 30 stalls will be added in Port Morris, The Bronx. A total of 20 stalls are designated for the site in Red Hook, Brooklyn, while 16 stalls will appear at the Dime building in South Williamsburg, and 10 stalls will be added at Pier 36 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Several Superhub locations are set to open in late 2023, namely the locations in the Lower East Side, South Williamsburg, and The Bronx. In 2024, an additional location will open in Brooklyn's Red Hook area.