37% Of People Say This Car Brand Makes The Most Reliable Sedans - SlashGear Survey

Chances are that if you've ever owned a car, you may have owned a sedan. All of the most popular automakers produce them, and as such, there are plenty of brands to choose from when you're picking your next vehicle. A lot of things matter in a car, but with sedans, most people want something reliable that will last them for years. Which brand makes the most reliable sedans? We've asked our readers in an exclusive survey, and we now know the answer.

Sedans are the most popular car types on the roads all over the world. With four doors and three separate compartments — one for the engine, one for the passengers, and one for the trunk — they make for a good vehicle for most uses. While a sports car looks way fancier, a sedan can be relied on to get you and your family from point A to point B, and if you choose the right brand, the car should run well for years.

Unsurprisingly, not all cars are made equal. Some may be notorious for certain failures and breakdowns, while others are generally reliable outside of the occasional stroke of bad luck. As such, choosing the right model and brand can be a bigger deal than many people realize.

We have a clear winner

Out of all the most popular car brands that make sedans, which one can be relied on the most? To find the answer, we've asked 606 SlashGear readers based in the United States to tell us their opinion. With six different brands to choose from, the votes are pretty scattered, but we still have a clear winner — followed by a strong second choice.

According to the results of our exclusive poll, respondents said Toyota makes the most reliable sedans, with 37.95% of the votes going toward the Japanese manufacturer. We're not surprised — Toyota has certainly released some popular sedans, including the Camry and the Corolla, both of which are often praised for their reliability. They even made it onto our list of the most reliable sedans of all time.

The second brand that our readers believe to be reliable is Honda, which won 25.08% of all the votes. Once again, this didn't come as a surprise — we've all heard of the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord. Honda's success is followed by Nissan, which scored 14.19% of all votes, and Mercedes-Benz with 11.39%. The last two spots didn't manage to gather a lot of support, although that doesn't necessarily mean their vehicles can't be trusted: Hyundai snagged 7.10% of all votes, followed by Mazda coming in last with just 4.29%.