Here's How Much Range The Tesla Model Y Really Has

Range is one of the primary concerns for not only electric vehicle owners, but anyone considering buying an EV. After all, instant torque, quick acceleration, and no need for gasoline don't mean a whole lot when you're fresh out of power on the side of a highway. Fortunately, EV technology has advanced a significant amount in the past couple of years. The 1997 GM EV1 had a range of barely 70 miles if the weather was anything other than perfect. Now, GM has the Chevy Bolt, a capable little hatchback that can go well over 200 miles on a charge. Then there's the GMC Hummer, a 9,000 plus pound super truck that can accelerate faster than some supercars, and has a range of over 300 miles.

One can scarcely talk about EVs without mentioning Tesla, a company that's essentially made EVs its entire business model since it birthed the first Roadster well over a decade ago. The Tesla Model Y is one of the brand's most popular vehicles. Over the course of 2022, Tesla delivered over 1.3 million vehicles, with the Model 3/Y accounting for 1,247,146. But when it comes to the all-important question of range, how does the Tesla Model Y handle real-world driving? The estimated range of 330 miles is nothing to sneeze at, but what's the actual range of Tesla's now-ubiquitous people-hauler? 

Real world vs. estimates

Real world range can vary greatly from driver to driver. Someone who treats everyday like a personal Formula 1 grand prix or drag race may get much less mileage in terms of EV range than someone who is driving at exactly the speed limit and taking advantage of every opportunity to maximize range. As its name would suggest, the Tesla Model Y Long Range sports the largest battery among the different flavors of Model Y. Edmunds tested the range of a 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range for review, which proved itself at a 317 mile range. That's about 4% under the EPA's estimate of 330 miles. 

A 4% difference isn't shocking in the grand scheme of things, but it's important to note that manufacturer's estimates are usually the best-case scenario when it comes to milage. Occasionally, automakers are a little optimistic in their estimates. Fortunately, the Model Y's actual performance out on the road isn't too far off from what the fancy packaging suggests.