Despite The Hefty $550 Price Tag, Here's How Many People Said They Plan To Buy The PSVR 2

The pre-orders for the Sony PlayStation VR 2 headset are already open, and the gadget is set to arrive between Feb. 22 and Feb. 28, 2023. This long-awaited second iteration of Sony's virtual reality (VR) headset comes with a wide range of upgrades, but its price tag has the fan base a little bit divided. To settle the matter, we've asked our readers whether they'll be buying the PSVR 2 regardless of the hefty price. Our poll results leave no doubt as to what these fans are going to do.

Sony's latest attempt to coax money out of our wallets has not yet been released, but pre-orders are in full swing. The headset itself appears to be an exciting piece of tech. Per the official product website, it comes with two 2,000 x 2,040 OLED displays, each capable of delivering stunning 4K video at high frames per second (fps) — we're talking up to 120 fps. Sony notes that this is four times the resolution of the original PSVR headset. It's said to be responsive, thanks to features such as Sony's intelligent eye tracking, and the visuals are expected to be sharp and lifelike. In short, it sounds pretty great.

Sony recently revealed the pricing for the PSVR 2: a retail price of $549. Buying the basic package nets you the headset and two controllers. For those who want something to play right away, Sony also sells a bundle that adds the "Horizon Call of the Mountain" game. The charging station is sold separately, but you can charge the headset through your PlayStation 5, which is required to use the device.

Our poll results tell the whole story

On the official pre-order pages, Sony says: "Due to high demand, this product is limited to 1 per household." We already know how the sales of the Sony PlayStation 5 went — many willing shoppers were left to scour various retailers for a chance to buy the console, and that situation lasted for months. Hopefully that won't be the case here.

In our exclusive survey, SlashGear asked 607 respondents based in the United States a yes or no question to find out whether they are still planning to buy the PSVR 2 despite the high price point. It's important to also factor in the cost of the PlayStation 5 console, which, as mentioned, is necessary in order to play. The results leave very little doubt.

Based on the poll, only 16.97% of our readers are willing to overlook the high price tag and planning to buy the PSVR 2. This means that a whopping 83.03% of the respondents are not looking to buy the new Sony VR headset. These results do not bode well for Sony, but it's still possible that the headset will face high demand and sell out rather quickly.