2023 Ford GT Mk IV Gives Supercar An Extreme Performance Makeover

It's safe to say that the Ford GT is one of the greatest cars to ever wear the legendary oval. For several decades, Ford engineers poured their hearts and souls into making the Ford GT better. There's even an entire movie starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale about the inception of the very first Ford GT and its historic victory over Ferrari. In essence, the GT is a big deal. 

The most recent iteration of Ford's supercar is no less wild than its predecessors. This generation of GT's forgoes the V8 in favor of a twin turbocharged EcoBoost V6 that puts out 660 hp in its "base" configuration. But there's hardly anything "base" about a several hundred-thousand-dollar supercar. Ford is upping the ante on a new version of the GT that not only kicks up the horsepower by a considerable amount but pays homage to the car's motorsport roots and history.

The GT's last hurrah

Introducing the Ford GT MK IV. This iteration of the GT shares a name with the model of car that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans back in June of 1967. Ford teamed up with Multimatic, an Ontario-based parts supplier, to build the upgraded track-only car. Not only will this car feature all new aerodynamic components to keep it planted firmly on the tarmac, but the horsepower has also been boosted to "more than 800 horsepower," per a Ford release. The wheelbase has been stretched out and the bodywork has been tweaked to squeeze out every possible ounce of performance from the EcoBoost powerplant. 

Both Multimatic and Ford are planning to send the GT out with a bang. Larry Holt, executive vice president of Multimatic, says: "Multimatic's brief was to create the most extreme final version of the Ford GT, and the Mk IV is the outcome. A unique larger displacement engine, proper racing gearbox, stretched wheelbase and truly radical body has resulted in an unprecedented level of performance." 

In keeping with the number patter, only 67 of these hand-built cars will be created for any customer willing to shell out $1.7 million for the car. According to Ford, deliveries will begin in the Spring of 2023.