What's The Best Starter Car In Need For Speed Unbound?

Not all of the starter cars in "Need For Speed Unbound" are evenly matched. Many offer specialties in certain aspects of the game, but there is one that has just a little bit of everything. 

Criterion attempts to bring back its "Burnout" roots in "Need For Speed Unbound" — a title that revives the game developer's signature high-speed-with-even-higher-stakes racing gameplay. Players won't just have to win races, they will also need to outsmart and outmaneuver cops constantly trying to take away their hard-earned money. Like in previous "NFS" titles such as "Heat," this means having to make the right call while driving the right car, because only by successfully evading the law and returning to your garage can you secure your earnings (via EA).

Given the sheer variety of cars available, however, picking the right car for the job can get tricky in a hurry. In fact, the "Need For Speed Unbound" car list (via EA) consists of 143 cars in total, ranging from speedy exotics like the Ferrari 488 Pista to off-road monsters like the Ford F-150 Raptor. While supercars might outrun offroad models along highway straights, they will struggle once cops start chasing them off the pavement. It doesn't help that races are dynamic too, with cops occasionally interrupting players in the middle of a sprint. Fortunately, "Need For Speed Unbound's" starter cars narrow the choices down to just three vehicles. The thing is, they're quite different from each other, so it's crucial for players to pick the right one to suit an individual playing style.

Need For Speed Unbound starter cars pros and cons

Now, the game offers players three choices from the get-go: a 1969 Dodge Charger, a 1988 Lamborghini Countach, and finally, a 1998 Nissan Silvia K's. Each "Need For Speed Unbound" starter car has attributes that make them advantageous over the others, as seen in one user's YouTube video comparison (via ChampsRank). For example, the '69 Dodge Charger has a 40% drift bias, off-road capable traction, and a decent 4.1 second 0 to 60 mph acceleration, but sports the lowest top speed of the three, maxing out at 179 mph. Although this oldie-but-goodie muscle icon is great for drifting and escaping through rocky terrain, it falls behind in straight lines compared to the alternatives. On the other hand, the '88 Lamborghini Countach sacrifices its poor 20% drift bias and lacks virtually any reasonable off-road capability. Yet, the Lamborghini compensates for this drawback with the fastest 0 to 60 mph acceleration, at just 4 seconds, and boasts an ample 193 mph top speed.

Meanwhile, the '98 Nissan Silvia K's stands on contrasting ends of the spectrum, sharing similar drift and off-road characteristics as the Dodge Charger, albeit with the fastest top speed at 195 mph coupled with the slowest 0 to 60 mph acceleration at 4.3 seconds. All of this might sound like a draw with no clear winner, especially when considering the three candidates' particular strengths and weaknesses. However, choosing the best starter car doesn't exactly mean opting for the fastest or most slippery choice, but rather, simply one that's competent enough in all areas, including racing, stunt challenges, and police pursuits, to name a few key tasks that players will engage in throughout their gameplay.

Which one is the best NFS Unbound starter car, then?

Drift lovers who often take the beaten path will find the Dodge Charger as the best pick, while the Lamborghini Countach is perfect for those who prefer sticking to the road. This leaves the Nissan Silvia in the middle as a jack-of-all-trades, making it the best "Need For Speed Unbound" starter car for players who want to do a little of everything. Of course, it also comes down to the players themselves, as the game gives players total freedom in selecting how to approach its various activities (via EA). According to the developers, the act of drifting alone can even be done in multiple ways; something drift cars like the Charger and Silvia can easily take advantage of by getting more boost nitrous every time they glide around a corner. Drifting in style is a real world hobby for many, so it's only fitting that this technique would find its way prominently into the reward mechanics of a "Need for Speed" title!

On the flip side, the Lambo gains an edge in activities like Speed Traps, Speedruns, and Jumps, given its impressive straight line performance. Since gaining airtime and regular Grip Turning also earns players Boost nitrous, the Countach can compensate for its meager drifting capabilities with enormous high-flying acceleration that easily outpaces the competition. Just because it's lacking in off-road performance doesn't mean it can't efficiently evade police either. Using auxiliary gadgets, turning off the engine, and staying hidden all help in keeping the law at bay in this game, so picking a drift or off-road-oriented starter car isn't necessarily a must for evading the inevitable pursuit. That said, all of the "NFS Unbound" starter cars have the potential to become the best; it all depends on a player's preferred play style.