The Best Black Friday Deals On Automotive Gear

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Although it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, the Black Friday deals are here and everything from automotive tools to battery chargers are available at a steep discount this holiday season. It can often be hard to buy for the automotive enthusiast in your life, but often the solution is a steady diet of quality tools and equipment. Even the most cynical gearhead isn't immune. 

Fortunately, this year's Black Friday there are more than enough offerings to keep your fellow gearhead happy. If you're a car fan yourself, this time of the year is one of the best opportunities to snag a deal on whatever tool or piece of kit you've had your eye on. This year may be the year to start working on your own cars for the first time or to start expanding on an already existing collection of DIY automotive tools. Either way, the deals are here, and it's time to start wrenching.

Keeping the toolbox stocked

If you're a professional mechanic, you likely have access to tools from the likes of Snap-On, Mac Tools, or Matco. All of those brands represent some of the best tools in the trade with the best customer service. But with that quality and care comes with an astronomical price tag. If you make a living on fixing cars and equipment, the price is often worth it. 

But if you aren't a professional and you just want a nice set of tools to keep handy when wrenching on your own car, Black Friday has you covered as a litany of mechanics tool sets are on sale. First, Home Depot' is offering a 270-piece mechanics tool set from Husky for $99. The tool set includes a variety of sockets, ratchets, Allen keys, and screwdriver bits. That's more than enough variety for most DIY automotive repair jobs and it can even be useful around the house. Lowe's Kobalt brand has a similar 309-piece set for $99. Both brands offer a lifetime guarantee with relatively easy returns and exchanges if something breaks or malfunctions.

Charged up for great deals

Keeping your car's battery charged up is one of the most important (and often overlooked) aspects of car care. After all, if you have a dead battery, your car isn't going anywhere, at least under its own power. Across the net, there are numerous deals to be had when it comes to battery accessories.

Bass Pro Shops of all places has the NOCO GB70 jump starter power pack on sale for $199.99. It's compact enough to store in the trunk of all but the tiniest cars and provides enough oomph to jumpstart up to an 8-liter gasoline engine and a 6-liter diesel engine. As long as you aren't jump starting anything larger than a first-generation Dodge Viper or heavy industrial equipment and big diesel trucks, the jump pack is perfect for most cars. 

Amazon has another NOCO product on sale, the 1-Amp Smart charger for $29.97 It acts as a charger to keep 6-volt and 12-volt automotive batteries topped up and fully charged when not in use and can automatically detect the voltage to begin charging even if the battery has run out of juice.

Cleaning up for the holidays

Lastly, it's never a bad thing to give your car a good cleaning, regardless of the time of year. Clean cars look better in photos, the car's finish lasts longer if it isn't covered in dirt and grime, and who doesn't love the feeling of sitting in a car that's been freshly vacuumed, scrubbed, and polished? 

Black Friday delivers this year with hundreds of deals from Adam's Polishes, a company known for its extensive lineup of car cleaning gear, including power washers, sprays, and all manner of microfiber drying cloths. This year's Car Care Box contains detail spray, tire shine, interior shampoo, interior detailing spray, and a bonus microfiber cloth for $39.99. If you're really serious about preserving the paintwork on your car, the brand's cordless Swirl Killer polisher is on sale for $149.99. The beefier corded model is priced at $219.99 for the holidays. Most of the brand's library of products has at least some discount for Black Friday.