The Best Black Friday Smartphone Deals Of 2022

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There is no denying that Black Friday week presents consumers with the best opportunity to get their favorite gadgets at eye-watering prices. While there are some genuinely great deals out there, the problem for most consumers is that they do not really know where to look for them. Given the sheer number of e-commerce platforms claiming they have the best deals, it is not easy for consumers to make an informed purchase. Besides, the prospect of having to wade through a maze of confusing ads and claims and finally home in on a deal best suited for them may even put off people from making purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

For Black Friday 2022, we at SlashGear are doing our bit to eliminate this problem. To save consumers the pain of having to sift through multiple websites and pages to home in on the best Black Friday deals for 2022, we did the research on your behalf. After spending hours looking for the best possible deals for this year's Black Friday sales, we have compiled a comprehensive list of smartphone deals that you cannot afford to miss.

Carrier Smartphone Deals of Black Friday 2022

For Black Friday, all major carriers — T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T have come up with several promotional deals after tying up with manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. You can take advantage of these deals even if you buy these smartphones from the manufacturer directly. For Apple, the best deal comes from T-Mobile where users on the Magenta Max plan can get the iPhone 14 Pro with up to $999 worth of credit with an eligible trade-in. The newer the phone users trade in, the higher the credit value. AT&T and Verizon offer a similar deal but offer slightly lesser credit (up to $800) — again, depending on the age of the device users trade-in. These deals are valid for all iPhone 14 models, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max (Review).

Carriers have a similar offer for users wanting to upgrade to Samsung's newest smartphones. For example, Verizon offers the Samsung Galaxy S22 with an $800 trade-in credit with an eligible device. Samsung's foldable smartphones are also part of the deal and with users getting the chance to get up to $600 off with an eligible trade-in. As outlined earlier, the final price of the device depends a lot on the eligibility and condition of the smartphone users have chosen to trade in. We also have some non-carrier-based Samsung deals below.

Black Friday 2022 Deals for Samsung Smartphones

The entire gamut of Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones is also available at discounted prices this Black Friday. The top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra now starts at $869.99 (instead of $1199) for the 128GB option — going up to $984 for the 256GB option, and $1091.63 for the 512GB variant. Those opting for the Samsung Galaxy S22+ can get the 128GB base variant for $612.23 instead of $999, while the 256GB option can be had for $786.59 instead of $1049. Finally, the prices for the "vanilla" Samsung Galaxy S22 start at $666.91 (instead of $799) for the 128GB option — which is strangely slightly higher than that of the Galaxy S22+ — and go up to $749.99 for the 256GB variant.

Those finding these Galaxy S devices too expensive can opt for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (Review) — which now starts at $449.99 (instead of $699), and the 256GB variant priced at $519.99 (instead of $769). Samsung's foldable smartphones are also going for discounted prices this Black Friday with prices of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 (256GB) starting at $1399.99 (instead of $1799), and the 512GB option priced at $1519.99 (instead of $1919). The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, on the other hand, can be had for $759.99 (instead of $999) for the 256GB option.

Best Unlocked Smartphone Deals on Amazon

For people wishing to buy an unlocked smartphone without having to worry about carrier deals, we've listed some of the best deals we could find below. If you plan on getting the much acclaimed Google Pixel 7 (Review) series smartphones, now would be a good time to do that. The 128GB Google Pixel 7 Pro can be yours for $734.15 as opposed to its regular price of $899. For the 256GB option, the price goes up to $849. The top-of-the-range 512GB variant of the Pixel 7 Pro can be purchased for $949 as part of this Black Friday deal.

The Google Pixel 7 is also available at discounted prices this Black Friday, with the base 128GB variant priced at $499 (instead of $599), and the 256GB option now going for $599 (instead of $699). Staying with Google, consumers also have the option to get the older Google Pixel 6 at a starting price of $449.99 for the 128GB option. The 256GB option is only slightly pricier at $482.07 — instead of the original price of $699.

At the Google store, you can get the Pixel 7 for $499.99 during Black Friday, and you can trade in your Pixel 6 for $479 in credit. That means you get the Pixel 7 for $20, but you have to pay full price upfront and get a refund on the back end.

OnePlus smartphones are also available for heavy discounts this time around — starting with the fairly new OnePlus 10T starting at $599.99 (instead of $799) for the 8GB/128GB option, going up to $699.99 (instead of $749) for the 16GB/256GB option. The older OnePlus 10 Pro (Review) is cheaper than its non-pro sibling with the base 8GB/128GB option priced at $549.99 (instead of $799), and the 12GB/256GB option priced at $799.99 (instead of $869).

Black Friday deals on tablets and audio accessories

Samsung is selling its Android tablets at discounted prices this Black Friday. The 128GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, for example, can be purchased for just $199 as opposed to its original price of $329.99. The more expensive Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is now going for $269 — compared to its old price of $429.99. In addition to these tablets, there are several accessories that are also going for up to 50% off this Black Friday.

JBL is selling its Tune 230NC TWS Noise Canceling Headphones for $49.95 instead of $99.95. The ​​JBL Tune 510BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones are on sale for just $24.95 as opposed to their original $49.95 price tag. Going up the price ladder, we have the JBL Tune 710BT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones that can now be purchased at $39.95 (instead of $79.95). The JBL Live 460NC on-ear headphones with Noise Cancelation can be [purchased for $64.95 instead of its older price tag of $129.95. Finally, we have the JBL Live Free 2 TWS Earbuds that can be purchased for $74.95 as opposed to its original $149.95 price tag

Sony's wide range of headphones is also going for discounted prices as part of its 2022 Black Friday offers. The Sony Inzone H7 gaming-focused headset, for example, is now available for $148 instead of $229.95. The much acclaimed Sony WH-1000XM4 noise-canceling over-ear headphones can be purchased for $228 instead of $349.99. Sony's popular Sony WF-1000XM4 TWS now costs $178, more than $100 cheaper than its original $279.99 price tag. Sony's latest generation WH-1000XM5 over-ear noise-canceling headphones can be purchased at $348 instead of $399.99. Finally, we have the Sony WH-XB910N Noise Canceling Headphones getting 50% off over its original price tag, and going for just $123.