The Best Pixel 7 Cases You Can Buy Right Now

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The Pixel 7 is a durable phone, but you can never trust those glass sandwiches when it comes to taking a tumble off your kitchen counter or your desk at work. So, let's put your Pixel 7 into a case to keep it safe from everything from small scratches to catastrophes.

I have cases from seven case makers for you today. I have a Pixel 7 on loan from AT&T, and I have spent time with every one of these cases (except those for the Pixel 7 Pro). I will focus on the Pixel 7 cases because that's what I was able to test, but it stands to reason that the same properties will show up on the Pixel 7 Pro cases. So, without further ado, here are the best cases we could find for the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro.

Zagg - Havana, Milan, Crystal Palace, and Denali

Zagg sent over four cases, two each for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. For the Pixel 7, I got the Milan (Yellow Swirl) and Havana (Black) and I received The Denali (Green, on the left) and Crystal Palace (Clear) for the Pixel 7 Pro. All the cases are made with what Zagg calls D3O, which is a sort of TPU-like material that is very stiff but is designed to absorb and dissipate impact. All the cases have precise cutouts for the ports, but for some reason, there is a noticeable gap between the edge of the cutout for the camera bump and the bump itself. I was able to slip a dime into the gap, so it's fairly substantial.

The model names depict various patterns you'll find on the back of the case or the side. Crystal Palace, as the name suggests, is clear while the Milan Yellow Swirl has a sort of wave-like design on the back that doesn't show up particularly well against the black Pixel 7 review unit. The Havana and Denali cases are solid colors and differentiated by the patterns on the back of the phone. The Havana has a horizontal pattern while the Denali is a diagonal pattern. Both add a lot to the grip of the phone. What I'm not a fan of is the stiffness of the volume and power buttons.

You can buy the Havana and Milan on Amazon for $30 and $50 respectively. You can pick up the Crystal Palace and Denali cases on Zagg's website for $40 and $50 respectively.

Casetify - Impact

Casetify is known for its customizable cases and its Impact line is no exception. This time, Casetify sent me three cases, titled Earth in Space, Cassette Gold, and Ghost Fashions. These cases are delightful and really appeal to the nerd in me. I think my favorite has to be the cassette case, though the space scene definitely pushes the right nerd buttons.

Speaking of buttons, the button covers on the case feel firm which you may or may not like depending on your preferences. The case is made from a TPU/polycarbonate combination which provides impact resistance and shock absorption, depending on how the phone lands. 

The cutouts are precise to the point where I can't even get a fingernail into the case by the camera module. The backplate is slippery, except for the ghost case, because the pattern of ghosts gives you some grip, but not much. The TPU sides make up for that with a nice firm grip.

You can buy the more vanilla Impact cases (without designs) from Amazon for $45, but if you want to see fun designs like the ones I received, you can get them on Casetify's website for $52.

Poetic - Guardian and Revolution

Established case-maker Poetic sent me two cases for the Pixel 7. Poetic sent the Guardian case in black and clear and the Revolution case in black. Poetic is a great case maker because it lets you decide if you want a screen protector or not. Both cases come with a clear screen protector built into the case along with a frame for when you don't want a screen protector. One or the other is necessary to properly fit the case.

Both cases are made from a strong polycarbonate backplate with a TPU border that the frame or the screen protector fits into, making a solid seal. Both cases have a port cover to protect the USB-C port from dirt and general pocket litter. The key difference between them is the Guardian has a clear backplate so you can see the design of the phone. The Revolution has a solid backplate with a pop-out kickstand that allows you to set the phone in portrait or landscape. Neither case affects wireless charging, fortunately.

Cutouts are precise and both cases overlap the camera module and the screen to keep them protected from falls. The tricky part about the screen protector is keeping dirt out when you install it. To that end, Poetic includes wet wipes and dust stickers to try to get all those errant dust particles off before inserting your phone. Personally, I'm not a fan of screen protectors, so I just installed the frame and inserted that into the case. But, I tested the screen protector with the fingerprint sensor dozens of times and never had a problem.

You can buy the Poetic Guardian and Revolution from Amazon for $25.

Totallee - Soft Clear Case

Casemaker Totallee sent me its Soft Clear case which really earns its name. The case is made of soft TPU material which is, of course, clear. This is one of my favorite cases that I've seen thus far from Totallee. Normally, the case maker goes for a super thin and light case which, if we're being honest, is more for scratch protection than keeping your phone safe from drops or spills. This case is more substantial than what we've seen in the past and because of that, it's more protective.

Cutouts for ports are accurate and Totallee went in a different direction than most of the other cases we received. Rather than cutting its case right up to the camera bump, this case wraps the bump itself with cutouts for the camera and the flash, giving the case a protective edge over its competitors. The case is a bit of a fingerprint magnet as TPU tends to be. Combined with the fingerprint attraction of the Pixel itself, this case might be something of a nightmare for those of us with cleanliness issues, but beyond that, I love this case.

You can buy the Totallee Soft Clear case for $39 from Amazon.

Caseology - Nanopop, Parallax, and Athlex

Caseology delivered three different cases in two colors each. We got the Nanopop case in Black Sesame and Blueberry Navy. Then there are the Parallax cases in Ash Grey and Burgundy. Finally, we have the Athlex cases in Active Green and Active Orange. Of the three, I think the Parallax is my favorite. The back panel has a sort of hexagonal texture with a gritty texture on the top and the bottom. The entire case is made of TPU which makes it light and grippy. Both the Athlex case and the Nanopop case have hardened polycarbonate backplates which are probably more impact resistant, but I prefer the feel of TPU.

Speaking of which, both the Athlex and Nanopop cases are solid colors with occasional accent colors, which I like. The Athlex cases have a slot in the back for an accent that looks like it should be a card holder but it's just there to provide color. It's a missed opportunity if you ask me. I love card holder cases because it allows me to leave my wallet at home. Buttons are also stiffer in these cases as opposed to the Parallax. 

I admit I would love to use the Burgundy Parallax case if it was for the Pixel 7 instead of the Pixel 7 Pro. It looks just gorgeous. You can buy the Nano Pop, Parallax, and Athlex on Amazon for $18.

Spigen - Six cases

Spigen sent me six different cases. The brand sent the Crystal Clear Ultra Hybrid case, the Slim Armor CS, Rugged Armor, Liquid Air, and Thin Fit cases all in black, and the Tough Armor case in Metal Slate which basically looks like two-tone black.

The Rugged Armor and Liquid Air cases are both TPU throughout with different patterns on the back. I generally prefer this kind of case because it feels lighter and more pliable than others. The buttons are nice and responsive. Given a choice between these two, I'd go with the Liquid Air case because it has a grippy texture on the sides to prevent slipping.

The Thin Fit and Ultra Hybrid cases have polycarbonate backplates with TPU side rails. Usually, this means stiffer button covers, but these are nice and responsive. The back of the Thin Fit is very slippery while the back of the Ultra Hybrid gives you a slightly better grip, but as is the case with most clear cases tends to attract fingerprints.

My favorite cases are the Tough Armor and Slim Armor CS cases. They are both made of a dual layer of TPU on the inside and hard polycarbonate on the outside, but what makes them my favorites are the extras they include. The Slim armor includes a card holder that can hold up to two cards, so I can leave my wallet at home and the Tough Armor has a kickstand that holds the phone in landscape mode for media watching. The kickstand is a little flimsy feeling. I wonder about its long-term viability, so I'll take the card holder for the win.

You can buy all of these cases on Amazon. The Ultra Hybrid is $16, Liquid Air and Rugged Armor cases are both $17, the ThinFit is $18, the Tough Armor case is $19, and the Slim Armor CS case is $20.

Incipio - Duo, Grip and Kate Spade

Incipio sent a trio of case styles including two Grip cases (Black for the Pixel 7 Pro and Navy for the Pixel 7), two Duo cases (Red for the Pixel 7 Pro and Black for the Pixel 7), and a Kate Spade case which is clear with a fancy bit of decoration. 

The Duo case is a dual-layered case with TPU on the inside and polycarbonate on the outside giving you the best of both worlds. Because the inner layer is TPU, the buttons are responsive and clicky. Meanwhile, the grip case is polycarbonate across the board with a TPU "X" pattern that sticks out the sides for extra grip. Those buttons are also responsive and clicky.

Incipio and Kate Spade have had a partnership for a while now. This case from Kate Spade is solid polycarbonate with a TPU liner around the inside. The buttons are stiffer under this arrangement, but the back of the case is decorated in flowers with high sparkle gems in the middle of them. It's classy looking, especially against the black Pixel 7 colorway. 

You can buy any of these cases on Incipio's website. The Duo is $35, the Grip is $45, and the Kate Spade case is $55.