Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Revealed As A Supercar For The Dirt

The Lamborghini Huracan is the latest "entry-level" (if you can say that for Lamborghini) car in the brand's storied stable of supercars. It has already been subject to numerous special editions and one-off configurations. With its V10 and around three second zero-to-60 time, the Huracan is not a car to be taken lightly.

Porsche is also well known for making a litany of special versions of the Porsche 911. Last week the brand unveiled a new sportscar, dubbed the 911 Dakar, built for offroad use. It was essentially a lifted 911 with big knobby tires. In a world of Silverado Trail Bosses, Ford Raptors and Ram TRX's, the 911 Dakar was an ever so slightly polished take on a car built for hopping dunes and sliding across ice. 

Not be outdone by Porsche, Lamborghini unveiled its newest off-road competitor: the Huracan Sterrato. It's a supercar designed specifically for thrashing around in the dirt.

A Lambo for rallying

Loosely translated, "sterrato" is the Italian word for "dirt." And the newest Huracan certainly took the dirt-ready supercar concept and ran with it. The Sterrato looks like a regular Huracan that fell into an off-roading parts store, sporting huge wheels, roof rails, fender flares, and giant light bars mounted right on the hood. According to Lamborghini, the dirt Huracan is "the first super sports car designed for maximum driving pleasure even away from the asphalt on loose or dirt surfaces, reinterpreting the very concept of sportiness and emphasizing the brand principles of brave, authentic and unexpected."

A lifted Lamborghini is certainly unexpected. The brand already has the Urus SUV, itself no slouch in off-road conditions, but that car uses a purpose-built platform also utilized by Audi and Volkswagen. The Huracan is something way crazier. As of now, Lamborghini has not revealed any pricing info, production numbers, or a release date for the Huracan Sterrato. But, given the fact it's a Lamborghini, it won't be cheap and there won't be very many of them. Lamborghini promises that the vehicle's full specs will be unveiled November 30th at the Art Basel in Miami, Florida.