This 500HP Lamborghini Miura Is Actually A Pontiac Fiero In Disguise

We at Slashgear have always been upfront about our fondness for the Pontiac Fiero. Despite its supercar looks and admittedly downmarket fit and finish, the Fiero performed well, and, as MotorTrend notes, showcased some inspired design choices that would inspire American muscle cars for decades afterward. Honestly, if it weren't for the Fiero's occasional tendency to burst into flames, it'd be a classic.

The gearheads at V8Archie clearly agree with us. A replica builder recently reconstructed a Lamborghini Miura on the bones of a Fiero, and it is stunning.

Cletus Archambault is the Archie behind V8Archie, a car customization service specializing in turning Fieros into legitimate supercar-challenging monsters. As if to prove the point beyond any doubt, he recently went above and beyond, effectively rebuilding a note-perfect replica of a classic Lamborghini Miura around a V8 Fiero drivetrain and chassis. Archie's V8 Lamborghini replica isn't just a point-by-point rebuild of the classic Italian. It's a realization of Pontiac potential almost 40 years after the fact.

A classic on the bones of a classic

As noted above, V8Archie is primarily a customization service rather than a replica builder. The Miura/Fiero mashup is less a rehash than a proud statement of intent, uniting the Monte Carlo looks of the Miura with the strong bones of the Fiero, then attaching both to an engine ready to outcompete either. The mid-engine replica boasts a GM LS3 V8, the same plant that powered the C6 Corvette and the mad Drakan Spyder. Between that kind of power and the light, aerodynamic Miura body, the replica puts out an estimated 500 bhp. The result is less a textbook remake than a mighty American muscle car that happens to look like a Lambo.

That said, the details are also immaculate. As CarScoops reports, everything, from the cabin details to the forward-opening hood to the pop-up headlights, fits the Miura like a glove. The engineering rigor wasn't limited to aesthetics, either. The builders went so far as to increase the car's wheelbase by five inches so it matched the Miura's dimensions exactly.

In short, it's a marvel. V8Archie built something special here – a Lamborghini replica built on the foundation of an American muscle car that somehow does justice to both.