The Reason Zero Rivian Owners Have The Most Exciting Accessory

For all intents and purposes, the Rivian R1T EV truck is a fairly exciting vehicle. It's one of the first commercially available trucks and offers some real capabilities. If you can swing the steep starting price of $73,000, the R1T is a tempting option for adventurous types who want to adopt an EV lifestyle. As opposed to the F-150 Lightning, the Rivian is geared towards camping and driving off-road, and the brand itself even touts the R1T as "The World's First Electric Adventure Vehicle." 

Marketing gimmick or not, one look at Rivian's gear shop will tell you all you need to know about what market Rivian wants to attract with the R1T. Not only is all the swag adorned with Rivian's compass logo, but the brand also offers tents, surfboard and kayak mounts, water bottles and tons of camping gear. Among all the gear, one accessory stands out, the Rivian Camp Kitchen. Not only is it one of the coolest pieces of kit Rivian has to offer, it's also the only one you can't get, at least for now.

Dinner's gonna be late

The Rivian Camp Kitchen turns the R1T into a mobile chuck wagon of sorts and fits snugly inside the truck's compartment right behind the cab. The kitchen includes pots, pans, and tons of cooking utensils as well as a cooktop, cutting board and a lot more. Few other vehicles aside from a full-fledged food truck boast the ability to cook and prepare a full meal. Here's the snag: no one has been able to get their hands on the kit because it's been delayed numerous times, with price increases to boot. 

According to The Drive, the original slide-out kitchen was a hefty $5,000 before Rivian increased that price to $6,750. According to Rivian, it's still undergoing a redesign and has not given an update as to when it will be available. As of now, it's not even available for pre-order and the website just says "coming soon" in lieu of a price or any ordering options. That is a slight shame as it made creative use of the Rivian's unique storage compartments and would definitely make the R1T one of the most unique EV trucks out there. The F-150 Lighting and upcoming Silverado EV may be less expensive EV pickups, but neither model allow you to host a dinner party right from the truck.