The Hidden Features On The Rivian R1T That Every New Car Should Have

Inflation, hike in prices, supply chain problems, delivery delays, ups and downs in stock ... Rivian has had a tough year, according to The Verge. Against all odds, the brand, backed by Ford and Amazon, is still getting thousands of orders (via GreenCars). The Rivian fanbase loves the idea of an electric vehicle tailored for adventure, and the company's features make its vehicles unique and worthy of the off-road experience.

Rivian manufactures two models: the R1T, an all-electric truck, and the R1S, its SUV. Both are rugged automobiles fit for urban and rough terrains — the first electric adventure vehicles ever made.

With a starting price at $67,500 for the R1T and $72,500 for the R1S, users can tailor the vehicles to their preferences. Through Rivian's Gear Shop, drivers can add a wide range of features. The R1T can be acquired with a max battery pack that has an impressive range of more than 400 miles. The futuristic-looking off-road Rivian, can do zero to 60 in just three seconds, has four-wheel drive, a combined horsepower of 835, and a notable payload capacity. Inside and out, Rivian packs its cars with gear, technology, and more.

The Rivian features for adventure

Rivian has worked hard to build its vehicles with features no other vehicles have. Rivian explains front seats can be heated or ventilated, and back seat passengers can set their temperature. Rivian vehicles also come standard with loads of compartments. Under the center display, a large 14 x 11-inch space can fit a daypack. Smaller items can be stored in pullouts under the driver and passenger seats. Each door also has a compartment.

For those who opt in to the Adventure Package, the perks seem to have no end. An optional 130-piece Rivian Field Kit can be ordered with the vehicle. The kit includes a rescue blanket, poncho, and fold-up shovel, among other items. For dark nights, Rivian came up with an original solution, the driver side door frame hides a 1,000-lumen beam flashlight that will illuminate up to 150 meters. Large storage areas can be found under the trunk, under the bed, in seats, and even in a special Gear Tunnel.

Rivian connections, power, and sound

Everyone riding a Rivian will get Wi-Fi through LTE connection. When a phone, camera, laptop, or tablet runs out of power, a Rivian has six USB Type-C ports throughout the vehicle: two in the center console, two in the back seat center console, and two more in the front seat headrests. Additionally, up to two smartphones can be charged wirelessly through an inductive charger found in the center console. For bigger electric equipment, Rivian includes a 12-volt outlet in the center display and a 120-volt outlet.

When creating the sound experience, the carmaker did not hold back. The hi-fi audio-maker Meridian built a 1,100-watt sound system, especially for Rivian. The system includes 18 speakers in the cabin to create 3D audio for all passengers. When camping, at the beach, or in the mountain, those who have the Adventure Package can enjoy the removable weatherproof Camp Speaker. The speaker has a built-in lantern with three levels of brightness.

Unlocking Rivian and Gear Shop plus

Any Rivian when unlocked will play the sound of a mountain bluebird. Rivian explains it was recorded in the Yellowstone National Park. But the magic of unlocking a Rivian does not end there. Users can unlock the vehicle with their smartphone App, a special key fob, a credit card-sized card, or a wristband.

A Rivian vehicle will "sense" when a driver approaches if they have a smartphone on them. It unlocks, pops out the door handles, and adjusts the steering wheel, mirrors, and seats to a set position. For those who like to enjoy the outdoors without their phone, Rivian built a key fob stress-tested for almost everything, from water to dust, to mud and bad weather. Another key comes with a Rivian, useful for those who dive, swim, surf, or sail: the silicone key band, which can handle underwater environments and extreme temperatures. Just a swipe on the door handle and the Rivian will unlock. Finally, just in case, users get a spare key shaped just like a credit card that can be kept in a wallet.

Additionally, through the gear shop, Rivian customers can get all kinds of goodies like the Camp Kitchen. It has everything needed to cook: from a sink with a spray faucet to a 1,440-watt, two-burner induction cooktop. Rooftop bike mounts, snowboard mounts, and even a three-person tent that can easily be deployed on top of the roof can be added.