Razer's Customizable Wolverine V2 Pro PS5 And PC Controller Costs A Pretty Penny

Razer is back with another high-end controller for competitive gamers, specifically those who are loyal to the PlayStation 5. The newly unveiled Wolverine V2 Pro is the latest addition to the company's Wolverine lineup, bringing the same sort of modular design and huge price tag as the other models — though it's about to face stiff competition from Sony. The model is targeted at PS5 owners who won't shy away from dropping a couple of hundred bucks (and beyond) on a controller, assuming the controller packs features that enable them to fine-tune their gameplay in ways that aren't possible with the already-excellent DualSense controller.

If you're an Xbox owner, you're not left out of the fun — in fact, Razer has multiple Wolverine controller options for you, and they pre-date the PS5 version. There's the Wolverine Ultimate controller, which looks visually similar to the new PS5 variant, offering customizability and support for both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. There's also the Wolverine V2 made for the Xbox; that model is available in white and black color schemes, but you'll need either the Xbox Series X or Series S to use it.

Wolverine V2 Pro packs a bunch of features, but lacks a couple, too

If you're familiar with Razer's existing Wolverine products, the new PS5 model — which also supports PC gaming — may seem like a moment of deja vu. According to Razer, this new model packs its Mecha-Tactile action buttons and half a dozen multi-function buttons that can be remapped, though the process to do that is a bit of a hassle and requires a nearby smartphone. Joining that loadout is Razer's HyperTrigger tech, a microswitch D-pad with 8-way functionality, and two thumbstick cap options: short convex and tall concave.

The controller doesn't connect with the PS5 over Bluetooth; rather, you'll need to plug in the companion USB dongle, which enables 2.4GHz connectivity using the company's HyperSpeed Wireless tech. Those who have a keen eye will notice another big deviation when compared to Sony's DualSense: this controller's joysticks are positioned in the Xbox format with the left stick higher than the right one. There are four additional triggers when compared to the stock controller, and though Razer's model lacks Sony's adaptive triggers, the company does boast of HyperTrigger tech. With that, users will have the ability to boost or stunt sensitivity on the fly for better control over different types of gameplay.

All of that aside, the Wolverine V2 Pro comes with expected elements, including USB-C support, the touchpad, and dedicated buttons for the PlayStation and microphone. The model is available to pre-order now from Razer for $249.99, but before you pull out your credit card, take note: Sony will be releasing its customizable DualSense Edge controller in late January, and it'll be cheaper than Razer's offering at $199.99.