Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Broke A PlayStation Store Record

Even in the midst of major changes in how games are delivered, powered, and played, Phil Spencer wants gamers to know that their established multiplatform favorites aren't going anywhere. Players of "Call of Duty" on Playstation have been particularly, and understandably, concerned about the franchise's future in the wake of Microsoft's planned acquisition of CoD owner Activision Blizzard.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, has often been the voice of multiplatform moderation. Spencer has gone on record advising nominal competitors to buy into emulation and pitching a fully cloud-based, GaaS future across the industry.

Most recently, Spencer took an interview with YouTube's Same Brain channel where he drilled down on specifics, making his most sweeping commitment yet to Sony diehards in particular. At almost the same moment, Playstation put out a tweet demonstrating exactly why Microsoft is so committed to cross-platform play. Taken together, the sources suggest that collaboration rather than competition may be the most profitable approach for both Microsoft and Sony.

Hard commitment to COD on PS

Per Eurogamer, Spencer was unequivocal. In his own words, "Call of Duty" will continue to be available on Playstation for "as long as there's a PlayStation out there to ship to." The move makes sense: several of the biggest games at Activision Blizzard -– "Diablo," "Overwatch," even "Hearthstone," and "Candy Crush" –- are multiplatform titles that depend on wide buy-in. If Microsoft plans to recoup its eye-watering $70 billion investment, it needs cordial relations with Sony. Sony's own PR department recently made that clear.

The fact that "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II" was the biggest launch in the history of the franchise on Playstation proves that Sony players are still meaningfully invested in the series. That being the case, Microsoft continuing to support CoD on Playstation just makes sense. CoD money is Activision money and, as of 2023 (if all goes well), Activision's money will become Microsoft's money. That's the math that makes CoD on Playstation work.