Level's Apple Exclusive Lock+ Makes Good Use Of The iOS Home Keys Feature

When tech companies say security, they generally mean network security — that is, keeping online malefactors out of users' 1s and 0s. As the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) points out, that leaves one obvious open door for ne'er-do-wells to exploit: a literal open door. Spending a million dollars on network security does no good if bad actors can breach the target's physical security with a $10 crowbar.

Enter Level. By offering physical security measures — locks, deadbolts, etc. — and empowering users to customize accessibility through the secure app that operates them, Level's sensibly named Lock and Bolt services promise reliable home security via the often insecure Internet of Things. While the entry-level Lock and Bolt both play nice with either Android or Apple, the just-launched Lock+ is exclusive to iOS. Lock+ is built to interface with iPhones and the Apple Watch for one-click accessibility, and it makes particular use of the iOS Home Keys function.

Maximum security, minimum intrusion

All of Level's offerings put a premium on ease of use and minimal visual footprint. The goal is top-flight digital security that doesn't even reveal its own presence: Lock has a physical keyhole right through the middle of its otherwise high-tech construction and the entry-level Bolt is an upgrade to a door's existing deadbolt. As far as Level is concerned, success is when people don't even know it's there.

Lock+ follows the same pattern, promising a quick installation on a standard American deadbolt (via Apple). Once installed, it works seamlessly with the iOS Home Keys app. Home Keys allows users to set their security measures of choice, including facial recognition, Touch ID, or simply holding the iPhone or Apple Watch up to the lock. Home Keys also allows Level Lock+ to automatically engage certain security protocols, such as locking whenever the door closes or when the control device leaves the building (via Apple Support). Home Keys also provides contact names and multiple levels of access depending on the user.

Level Lock+ is available now online and in Apple Stores. Prices start at $329.95.